Got A Pregnant Cat? Care Tips To Follow

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When you have a pet, the joy and love you shower on the little being is out of this world. Pets love to be pampered just like any human being. When you pamper your furry friend, they are, in return, loyal to you.

Having a pet cat is common in India and in most of the Indian houses, these females pet cats are treated more like a queen. When a cat is pregnant, the extra amount of love and care which is given to her is indescribable. Female cats are a little fussy when it comes to the term of pregnancy and owners need to deal with this attitude.


During your cat's pregnancy, giving her the right type of diet will only help her have a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to also treat her well and not allow her to wander the streets when her due date nears.

Got A Pregnant Cat? Care Tips To Follow

There is a list of tips the owner needs to follow for a pregnant cat. Take a look at these pregnant cat care tips:

The Right Food
Giving her the right food is vital. One of the pregnant cat care tips to follow is a healthy diet. Your pregnant cat needs to be given meals that have essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

Keep Her Safe
Keeping her indoors is one of the best pregnant cat care tips to follow. Bad weather too can play havoc on her pregnancy, so it's best to keep your feline indoors.

The Other Cats
Due to her hormonal changes, your pregnant cat will be under a lot of pressure. So, it is best to keep her isolated till she is due.

Know Her comforts
Her comfort is of top priority! One of the most important pregnant cat care tips for owners to follow is providing the pregnant feline with a soft bed tucked with soft cotton towels to sleep in.

Regular Check ups
Once in a month, you need to make an appointment with the vet. An updated scan will show you if her kittens are healthy and fine. You can also ask the vet any doubts you have regarding the pregnancy.

Every pregnant cat needs to be given vaccinations. Make sure you follow the vet's advice and give her the vaccinations accordingly. It is said that there are certain vaccinations you should not give your pregnant cat when she is at her due date. So, pay note.

These are some of the most important pregnant cat care tips to follow. Make sure you give her the best treatment and shower her with tons of love.

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