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    Pros and Cons Of Feeding Your Dog With Bones


    Bones are one of their favourites, isn't it? But as the owner, there are certain things about feeding your dog with bones that you should know. While it is good as dogs normally have a liking towards bones, there are some cons to it as well. In this article, we look to answer a very important dog care question- Is it safe to feed your dog with bones. We analyze on the basis of credible study and suggest if bones are healthy for dogs. While vets have claimed that the impact is different from one breed to another, it is important to note these points that talk about feeding your dog with bones.


    Let us go ahead and explore whether it is safe to feed your dog with bones. We also touch upon two crucial topics: reasons to feed your dog with bones and alternatively, reasons to not feed your dog with bones. Here are some pros and cons of feeding your dog with bones. Read on...

    Dental Health
    As far as adult dogs are concerned, bones are an excellent way to help keep their teeth clean. What we must look at here is that dogs keep their teeth and gums healthy by chewing. However, make sure you do not give large sized bones to puppies. Large sized bones can cause bleeding of gums and lead to several other complications.

    They Can Cause A Thiamine Deficiency
    Regularly feeding dogs with bones, especially fresh meats marketed to be fed to pets, can lead to thiamine deficiency in dogs. Fresh meats often contain sulphur which can lead to a deficiency of thiamine in dogs. For puppies, bones should not be a regular affair.

    This is another concern for pet owners. Dogs are made to digest raw bones. When meat is cooked for long, it becomes hard and causes problems with digestion. Moreover, when rendered cooked, bones tend to form sharp fragments that can interfere with digestion of dogs.

    Feeding bones regularly can increase the amount of fat intake, leading to pancreatitis in dogs. Bones that are hollow in the centre are full of fat that can interfere with the normal functioning of kidneys in pets.

    Pros and Cons Of Feeding Bones To Dogs 6

    Saving Bones
    Dogs often keep bones for long. They are very smart at doing that. Bones kept for long can cause stomach infections in dogs. So as an owner, make sure you keep watch. 

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