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Dental Care For Your Puppy: Tips

By Deepa Ranganathan

You just got home a new pup! Like every new owner, you are as excited about its well being and have been following all the possible routine for its health. You have even started buying food that’s nutritious; you just set a schedule for walks along with your new pet. It’s all good. You scheduled your first check up with the vet who gave your new member an injection that will save it from millions of diseases.

All sounds good but have you noticed that this new pup you just got home is just like a new born baby. Its teeth, like normal baby, are teething and he is biting into everything that he can see. Yes, it’s time you visited the dentist and went through a routine dental check up. It is essential given your pup will have fully grown teeth in no time and then the infections begin. You will never know the pain, as your pup will not be able to express it to you. So, you will need to take care of these things right from the beginning.

Along with your visit to the dentist, make sure you follow a few dental care tips for pups which will make its teeth healthy.

Make Him Accept Mouth Handling

Early on, make sure you make your pup understands that it is fine to have his mouth opened and inspected by another person. This way the dental check up would be a normal routine. Don’t take off special time as it is not going to be possible. Whenever your pup walks into your lap, just open the mouth and check him. If he is uneasy or uncomfortable, keep saying words of appreciation which would keep him focused on your voice.

Brushing Your Pup’s Teeth

A canine toothbrush combined with some amazing strategy can get you started with brushing your pup’s teeth. A double-headed brush which has bristles at 45 degree angle will work perfectly for brushing your pup’s teeth. Just like kids, pups tend to resist any attempts at brushing. You will have to be easy going and a little patient making it a pleasant experience for him. Don’t overdo brushing and find a time when he is idle to perform this task. Initially just do it a few times. Extend it once your pup is used to it.

Start Early

When you receive your pup, ideally that’s the time to start training him with dental care! It’s better to begin this activity sooner as he would be used to it by the time he starts growing and won’t show much resistance then. It would be habitual. Starting late would only mean more resistance and more problems in getting him to brush his teeth.

The Right Paste

Human teeth are different from a pup’s teeth. So, make sure you don’t use your toothpaste on your pup. It won’t help him much. You could shop for some dog’s toothpaste. Visit a pet store and find a paste that does not contain minerals, like fluoride, which are poisonous to the dog.

Chewing On Toys

Exercising your pup’s teeth seems like a good idea. There are many synthetic bones and soft toys available in the market. When your pup is teething, get him these things and allow him to chew on them. Make sure the objects are safe as they would help your pup’s teeth to grow stronger.

Regular Visits To Vet

If you notice that your dog’s breath suddenly smells foul or if there has been a sudden change in the pup’s eating habits, you should visit the vet. In any case, you should have a regular appointment with the dentist so that your pup's dental health is in good shape.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 22:13 [IST]