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How To Keep Fish Tank Cool In Summer?

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Summer is here and we cannot think to live without air conditioners and coolers. You feel like staying in the swimming pool to beat the scorching heat. What when the water is also warm or hot? You stay in your air conditioned room. Have you ever thought that your fish in the tank also feels hot? There are many fish breeds that cannot survive in hot temperature. So, during summer, you should try to keep your fish tank or aquarium cool. Following are easy tips to cool the temperature of your fish tank in summer.

Change water regularly: You take bath every day to flush out body heat. Why not bathe your fish regularly in fresh water? It might sound funny as fish always stay in water. But to reduce heat in the tank, change water regularly. The best time to change water in a tank is in the early evening. So, before watering your plants in the evening, change the water from fish tank or aquarium.

How To Keep Fish Tank Cool In Summer?

Turn off the lights: You showcase your fish tank or aquarium whole day. If you have lights in your fish tank, then these flash lights cannot keep your tank cool in summer. Often, fish lovers keep their tank lights on all the time so as to get a clear view of the fish swimming. In day time, you should turn off the tank or aquarium lights, so that the water remains cool. Even in evenings, switch on only when required. Otherwise room light is sufficient to view the fish moving.

Close windows: During summer, you close your windows to avoid the entrance of hot wind. If your fish tank is movable, move it to a cool place especially during the day time.

Try clip fans: This is one of the tips to keep your fish tank or aquarium cool during summers. Use small fans to provide fresh air as well as cool the rising temperature in the fish tank. Keep the fan at a distance and place it in such a position that air enters the tank easily.

These are few tips that can help you cool your fish tank or aquarium during summers. How do you keep your fish tank cool on a hot summer day?

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Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2012, 18:06 [IST]
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