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Still Giving Boring Names To Your Pets?

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Not every dog in the world has to named Tommy. A popular television commercial had smartly used the pathetic stereotypes about giving our pet a name. Most people give boring and unimaginative names to their pets. Even the greatest pet lovers have not been able to escape the stereotypes that exist around the naming of pets.

We put so much effort in choosing the best names for our kids. So, why such lack of creativity when it comes to naming our pets? Tommy, Bozo and Bruno are good names for dogs. Kitty, Mini and Pussy are good names for cats! Who on earth made these ridiculous rules. Here are some suggestions that might help you give your pets, unique names.

Pet Names

Unique Names For Pets:

No Human Names: First of all, get rid of this absurd notion that pets cannot have human names. Just because your distant cousin is called Hunter, doesn't mean you cannot call you feisty Golden retriever the same. If the name suits your dog's nature and characteristics, then he or she must have it. If you consider the corollary, then a Kitty is popular cat name but so many girls have that as their pet name! Do they all turn into cats?

Heroic Names: Just because you name your dog after your favourite personality, that doesn't mean you are disrespecting your hero. People who do not consider other animals equal to human beings give birth to such seteotype. If you are a lover of Shakespearean plays then you can certainly call your pet dog by the same name. It would actually be like a memorial to your favourite author. After all, so many fans of Bob Dylan named their sons and daughters 'Dylan'. They were trying to show respect not disrespect.

Names Of Fictional Characters: If you are touchy about your real life heroes then skip it. There is no harm naming your pets after favourite fictional characters at least. Sherlock Holmes is not going to come to life from the pages of the book to claim revenge. So why don't you name your inquisitive and spirited pet after the legendary detective.

Gibberish: It is not necessary that every name has to mean something. You can make up your own alien name coined by you. For example, what does 'Google' really mean? Nothing. But it is still as popular as any word gets! In the same way, you can pick words from exotic languages and give your pet a name. It may be gibberish to the people who do not speak that language, but you will know what it means! If your dog is every affectionate, call him 'J'taime' it means 'I love you' in French.

These suggestions can help pet lovers name their pets in a more innovative way. So what are you going to call your pet?

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