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5 Dog Behaviour Traits That Are Insane!

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Your dog's behaviour can really shock you sometimes. At other times, some traits of animal behaviour can be extremely hilarious. Many dogs behave in their own funny or irritating ways. After all dogs too are like human beings. Just like we have our peculiarities, so do our favourite pets.

However, certain types of dog behaviour run as a common trend and they are pretty insane. You will see many dogs show certain behavioural traits that can leave you in fits of laughter. Here are some of the funniest and most insane types of dog behaviour you can look out for.

Dog Behaviour

1. Humping Your Leg: There is no doubt about the fact that you love your dog. But that does not mean that you can offer your leg to your pet for humping. Most dogs have this embarrassing habit of rubbing their genitals against their master's legs. This usually happens more often when the dog is in heat. While you can indulge this peculiar animal behavioural trait at home, it can be a public embarrassment outside.

2. Eating Their Own Poop: Here you are spending lots of hard earned money to buy your dog the best dog food. But your dog is flushing all your nutritious food down the drain by going and munching on poop. Most dogs have a bad habit of sniffing out poop in the parks and then feasting on it. It may or may not affect their health but it certainly affects your personal hygiene!

3. Trying To Catch Their Own Tail: Many dogs get spooked by their own tail. They go round and round in an attempt to get hold of their own tail. This is a hilarious sight if you get to see one. It is almost an existential struggle like trying to chase one's own shadow!

4. Sniffing Each Other Ass: Have you seen your dog trying to sniff into your neighbour's dog and vice versa? Well do not get scared, this is a normal dog behaviour even if it is funny to us humans. Dogs often sniff each other's ass. May be they find the smell of foreign poop enchanting!

5. Wagging Tail At Strangers: Unless your dog is a very aggressive one, you might see him wag his tail at complete strangers. Sometimes your dog might actually fetch a ball to play with a stranger or follow them around the park. This kind of juvenile, puppy-like behaviour is common among dog breeds like Labrador and Golden Retriever. These dog breeds are friendly so they do not follow the statement that a dog is your home's watchman. The would rather wag their tail at the burglars than chase them!

These are 5 of the most insane dog behaviour traits that can make you roll with laughter. Have you noticed any other animal behaviour that made you laugh?

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 15:11 [IST]
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