Foods That Might Be Harmful For Your Dog

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You must be loving your pets a lot. And at the same time you are very careful in making the right choices for them. But you need to be very careful in feeding your dogs as there are some dangerous foods that might make them sick and at times may prove fatal. Check this list of some of the most harmful food for pet dogs.

Harmful Dog Foods

Avocados- This might be one of the best fruits for a human being to consume, but it is very harmful for a dog. They contain an element called persin that might upset the health of your pet dog. So, better keep it away and do not let your dog consume it.

Chocolate, Coffee and Tea- All of them have some caffeine content and is one of the most dangerous food for your dog. These foods contain bromin and it can be toxic for the heart and the nervous system of your dog. You might see symptoms like restlessness, vomitting and even bleeding to track the health problem.

Mushrooms- Sometimes you prepare some non-vegetarian dishes with mushroom and give it to your pets. But, this is one of the most dangerous food for dogs. Mushrooms can lead to a number of infections in the body of the dog and sometimes this even leads to death.

Onions And Garlic- These in any form happens to be one of the worst foods for your pet. It destroys the red blood cells of the dog and even causes anemia. Symptoms of anemia in dogs are restlessness, weakness and vomitting. But, occasionally some of it in small amounts will cause absolutely no harm.

Grapes Or Raisins- If you love your pet dog then there is no need to show off this love by feeding them grapes or dry fruits like raisins. It causes much damage to the kidneys and might prove to be fatal in some cases. All these factors makes up unhealthy pet foods.

Raw Meat, Fish Or Eggs- Such foods are harmful as they contain bacteria that might lead to food poisoning. It is better to cook them well before you feed it to the dogs.

Salt- It is better not to feed your dogs with too much of salt as this might either lead to sodium ion poisoning or dehydration. It might elevate the body temperature of the dog and in worst cases lead to death.

Hence, it is better to not feed all these foods to your dog and make them live healthier.

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