What Is The Best Time To Feed Fish?

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Fish Feeding Time
Fish feeding is not as simple as we consume three time meal. There is a time of feeding your water pets so to know which time you must feed your fish and how much in quantity, have a look at the points below.

1. Fish feeding depends on various factors. Fish in nature eat whenever they are hungry if food sources are plenty then they eat several times a day. But if the sources are scarce then they eat by days between meals. Fish are reedy and they readily eat whenever you feed them. They might just jump and gobble it up whenever you go to feed them. Fishes are very opportunistic and they might eat even if they are not in dire need.

2.How often you must feed your water pets? The frequency of fish feeding depends on the type of fish as in which breed it is. Different fish have different eating habits. Generally most fishes go by feeding per day. For some owners feeding time for their fish is twice per day. Regardless of time make sure you fish feeding is in smaller quantities. The timing for most fishes is not very critical except for certain breeds like catfish which are nocturnal feeders and must be feed last at night.

3. Certain fish are of an exception as they must be overdone by the twice feeding rule. Feeding time for herbivores( vegetarian) fishes need to be frequent. They have small stomachs which cannot hold large quantity of food. Or else the whole day they would just graze on the plants. These fishes must be feed several times in small quantities a day. Or fish feeding for them would require live plants to nibble.

4. Fish which is newly hatched , young not fully grown will require more frequent fish food designed for fry. As they are not fully grown and are young small quantities must be given often.

5.The best fish feeding thumb rule would be not to feed the fish more than it could complete in less than 5 minutes. When you are in doubt underfeed them because overfeeding can clog the filters and break into toxins which is harmful for your fishes life. This is an pet care tip.

Feeding time for your water pets mainly depends on the breed and the nature of your fish. Some fish food is grazed at the bottom and some graze on top. Your fish may prefer to eat at a particular place and time so make sure you note it down and adapt to it as it's the best way of your pet care. Bottom feeders eat during daylight where as nocturnal feed when the lights are off.

These points may help you no the right fish feeding pattern and enable you to take care of your aquatic pets in a much better way.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 10:32 [IST]
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