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Dogs Versus Cats: Which Make Better Pets?

Posted By: Sneha
Dogs And Cats As Pets
Dogs versus cats: which is a better pet? Dogs as pets are more popular than cats. Dogs are known for their loving nature and their easy acceptance of their masters. Where as cats are also equally popular but not as much as dogs. To know which is the best pet here are a few points you can consider.

1. Dogs Are Easy To Train- Dogs are better pets than cats because dogs are easily trainable. They are very quick learners and are considered as the most friendly pets. They readily accept their masters and follow their masters instructions. Where as cats can not be commanded. Dogs as pets is a better option because they are smarter than cats. Dogs do not succumb to falling of in the fish tank to satisfy their greed.

2. Cats As Pets- Cats are also very popular but in comparison to dogs they are very laid back. Cats as pets are considered very exotic and fancy. But cats are not of multiple purpose. Dogs are trained for various activities be it guarding the house, helping you do house hold chores, loving you unconditionally and alarming you if any dangers are round the corner. Cats are just plain lazy; they are fancy but do not serve multiple purposes as dogs.

3. Dogs Are Man's Best Friends- In the competition of dogs versus cats, dogs win because not only are they useful but they are very loving. Dogs are very loyal in comparison to any other pet. For them their masters are ultimate and they have a strong emotional connect with their masters. Dogs as pets are ideal because man in this lonely world needs a loyal friend and nothing is better than a pet dog. They jump at the sight of their masters which is not a possibility with cats. Cats can get very wild and unmanageable at times.

4. Friendly Dog Breeds- The most friendly dogs for your kids are bull dog, beagle, bull terrier, poodle and the golden retriever. If dogs are put versus cats ,dogs that win have been listed above. These dogs are smart, loyal, friendly and can easily live in your house. They help in your kids education and are very playful. Cats are not exactly friendly with kids.

5. Dogs More Obedient- In the dogs versus cats fight, dogs are the better pets because they listen when their masters talk. Dogs will hear and make faces while trying to respond to their master. They will understand and communicate in better way in comparison to a cat. They are obedient and develop a friendly rapport more easily than a cat. Where as cats are very smart and greedy they will love you only when you feed them well.

In the dogs versus cats fight, dogs win because of the various above factors.

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Story first published: Monday, March 12, 2012, 16:14 [IST]
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