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Does Your Dog Eat Too Many Chocolates?

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Most dogs love to eat chocolates but you must be very careful how much and what chocolates you are giving to your pet. You must be wondering, what harm can an innocent piece of chocolate do to your dog? Actually, chocolate toxicity is serious enough to kill your dog. Chocolate or rather the cocoa in it is poisonous for dogs.

Why Is It Difficult To Keep Dogs Off Chocolates?
There is a very simple reason; it is addictive. Once your dog eats chocolate, even a tiny shred of it, he or she will want more. You are in the toughest spot because your darling pet is going to make a puppy dog face and crib for a bite. But you know that one bite could be the fatal one.

Why Is Chocolate Poisonous For Dogs?
Cocoa which is the main ingredient of chocolate has a chemical called theobromine that stimulates their central nervous system. It will increase urination and then start poisoning their system. Typical symptoms of chocolate toxicity are vomiting, stomach cramps and palpitations (increased heart rate). If your dog eats just a bit of chocolate then all this will not happen at once. So how much is enough?

How Much Is Enough?
The answer to that question depends on many factors. Resistance to chocolate toxicity varies from one dog breed to another. A bull dog can gulp down an entire bar and still be fine but a pug might not be so lucky. Small dogs will get affected quicker and with lesser amounts of chocolate than larger ones. However, the reaction of a dog that eats chocolate will also depend on the type of chocolate he or she has eaten.

What Type Of Chocolates Are Worse?
Just like the size of the dog that eats the chocolate sis important, the type of chocolate too is equally important. Not all chocolates are equally toxic. The lesser the amount of cocoa in the chocolate, the better it is for your dog.

1. White Chocolate is the best because it has minimum dark cocoa. Your dog can take 200 ounces of this chocolate per pound of it's body weight. You do the math.

2. Milk Chocolate: When we come to milk chocolate, the ratio changes drastically. Your dog can have 1 ounce of milk chocolate per pound of it's body weight. This is because it has cocoa and lots of sugar in it. Both these substances are not good for your pet.

3. Sweetened Cocoa: This is probably the worst because it contains the two most dangerous things for your dog to develop diseases, sugar and cocoa. Ideally your dog must not have it at all.

What Else Can Happen?
Other than poisoning by cocoa, many dog diseases are a result of your dog's sweet tooth. Diabetes is a rampant dog disease these days that makes older dogs blind with cataract. Too much of chocolates also affects your pet's heart.

These pet care tips tell you exactly why your dog eating chocolates is a bad idea.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 16:08 [IST]
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