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5 Dog Breeds For Teenagers!

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Dog Breeds Teenagers
Various dog breeds reflect different personality types. Teenagers also love taking their pet out and caring for them. To get the clear picture as to which dog breeds are best for teenagers, here are the options for you. Take a look at the best dog breeds for teenagers.

Best dogs for teens:

Chihuahua: Also known as Chee, this feminine dog is a pint sized miniature dog which is very easy to carry. This is a feminine dog which was highlighted by Paris Hilton. Young girls can carry their chic look with a small accessorised chihuahua.

German Shepherd: This is a smart dog breed ideal for young boys. German Shepherds are strong, aggressive and respond brilliantly to training. This dog breed can only be handled by teens who are strong enough to carry the weight of the giant German shepherd.

Poodle: This dog breed can be easily carried and cared for. Any teen can carry the poodle. They not only look cute furry dogs but are also very intelligent.

Saint Bernard: This snow dog breed can make the teens happy. Ute appearance makes the young fall in love with the dog easily. These pet dogs are called “saint" for their faithful service to mankind in the ice region if you stay in a cold climate, Saint Bernard is the ideal and best dog breed for teenagers.

Basset Hound: These are cute and small feminine dog breed for teens. attractive appearance and short legged two coloured dog is loved by women. Carry this chic look with a basset hound.

These are the best and ideal dogs for teenagers.

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Story first published: Monday, January 2, 2012, 16:24 [IST]
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