4 Best Dog Breeds For Single Women

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Dog Breeds Single Women
A single woman needs to be very careful as she stays alone and tight security is important. Pets especially dogs are all time favourites of single women. This is mainly because they are loyal, friendly and protective. Single women don't feel lonely when they have dogs at home. If you are a single woman and want to own a dog then here are few dog breeds which are best for single women.

Ideal dog breeds for single women:

German Shepherd: This dog is loyal, protective, fast learning and obedient. Proper training can make them the best dog breed for single women. They want love and attention from their owner as they are very caring and protective. Therefore, be careful with the aggressive behaviour of this dog.

Chihuahua: Chee is one of the most preferred feminine dog breed! They are small and look really cute. You can even carry small chihuahua puppies in your purse with comfort! They are easy o care for and maintenance is also not that difficult.

Pit Bull Terrier: These are affectionate dogs which are easy to train and very protective. Single women love to have this dog breed in the home. The maintenance is simple and can be easy to look after. Pit Bull Terrier is a small feminine dog breed ideal for single women.

Schnauzer: The miniature schnauzer has a double coat fur. The schnauzer are known for not shedding their fur. The hair shedding of this furry dog breed is very minimal. The bushy beard, mustache and eyebrows with folded ears make this furry dog appear fluffy and cute small dog. This is why single women love to carry this feminine dog breed.

These are the top 4 dog breeds for single women. They are protective, easy to look after and very obedient.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 15:31 [IST]
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