Do You Have A Well Behaved Dog?

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Dog Behaviour
The behaviour of your dog reflects on you as much as the behaviour of your kids does. And this comes true when you have few guests visiting your house. You want your dog to be on best behaviour. Many people are scared of dogs and thus are generally uncomfortable to visit the house of a dog lover. To ensure that your beloved pet does not cause any anxiety to your guests and also to maintain your own civility, you need to train your dog suitably.

Here are some ways that will help you in training your dog when the guests are around.

Ways Ensure Good Behaviour From Your Dog:

Never lock your dog away: Many people lock their dogs in the a spare room when the guests are visiting. This is a wrong practice as it hurts the feeling of your pet. When you bring a dog home, you accept him or her as part of your family. You will never lock your kid in a room when guests arrive just because he or she makes noises. Similarly, make sure you deal with your pet in the same way.

Never discipline your dog in front of guests. Remember the time when your parents yelled at you in front of outsiders and you felt so very insulted? Your dog is well aware that the guests are outsiders. If you shout at your dog or hit him or her in front of others he/she will only become resentful. You have to take your dog aside and talk to him or her softly yet sternly to deliver the message.

Do not dampen their spirits. Dogs enjoy pouncing on people playfully and licking them to display affection. But this display of love grosses some people out. To ensure that your dog's loving behaviour doesn't embarrass you, ensure that you have trained your dog properly. You have taught your pet the difference between family and outsiders. While your dog is welcome to pounce you and lick your face, the same gesture should not be repeated with guests.

Teach your dog to be calm. Some dogs are into the habit of barking unnecessarily at any distract. You must make sure that your dog does not get into the habit of barking at other stray dogs or people walking down the street without a reason. Ask your dog trainer to teach your pet to be calm. Dogs barks when they see something as a threat. You need to ensure your dog that people walking on the street or other dogs are not a threat to him or her.

These tips will help you train your dog with a good behaviour. Is your dog well behaved when guests are around?

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