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Cutest Puppy Breeds For Pet Lovers!

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Cutest Puppy Breeds
Love puppies? Those small legs, eyes, noise and height can drive any pet lover crazy! When you go to buy a dog for your home, you get a cute and small puppy. While caring for your puppy, you wish that it never grows. Also, few pet lovers do not like fully grown pets because even they need time to settle with the family members. This is why, pet owners opt for puppies to make them adjustable to the new environment and people. If you love puppies and want to buy the cutest one, here are few options to help you select the cutest puppy breed.

4 Cutest puppies for your home:

Golden retriever: The golden furry puppies will brighten up your mood every time you see them around. They are cute, friendly and lovable. You will love these cute puppies because of their soft and shiny feather coat, small brown or black eyes which blend with the coat colour. Do not pamper them too much or else, they might become short tempered.

Labrador puppy: If you thought that Labradors look huge and formidable, check the puppies. They are small, cute, active and friendly. You will be tired of running behind these cutest puppies. It is fun to get a labrador puppy. These are one of the cutest puppies in the world that grows up to be such huge dogs!

Yorkshire Terrier: The small toy sized dog breed is ideal for puppy lovers. Also known as Yorkie, this furry puppy is loved by kids too. There are many colours of the Yorkie breed. You can try any colour for the toy shaped puppy. Accessories your cute puppy to make him/her look more pretty.

Chihuahua: This is another one of the cutest dog breeds in the world. The miniature size and rat like small face make it one of the ideal pets for women. Remember Paris Hilton carrying her cute chihuahuas in handbags?

As a pet lover, which is the cutest puppy in the world for you?

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 16:28 [IST]
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