5 Exotic Dogs For Kids

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Exotic Dogs
Not all dog breeds can be exotic pets for home. Some like kids, some don't, some want to be left alone, some very playful and the list continues. Today, we will discuss on the top 5 best dogs for kids. Take a look.

Family friendly dogs are the ones that will like kids as they are also kiddish by behaviour. They care too much, please the owner and play an important role in bringing family together. Although they don't expect to be the apple of the eye of the master, they want attention. Here is more to know about these easy going dog breeds.

5 Best Dogs For Kids

1. Bubbly Beagle – This hunting dog breed is not a ferocious one. It loves human and will be a great pal to kids, very playful and active. Beagle requires training in terms of food, behaviour and exercise. It loves food and can even pretend to starve just to get what it wants. Kids need to watch out when the dog is hungry or eating.

2. Pampery Pug – These family friendly dogs are popularly known as the Vodafone ambassadors. They love being pampered, small in size and very loyal. They are very witty animals and respond to appreciation. They are lazy breeds so exercising and grooming are a must. They need to taken to vet regularly to maintain their healthy and fitness.

3. Lovely Labrador – These good kid pets love to play and are very patient dogs. The can tolerate kids experimenting a lot of things on them. Labradors have a good memory and do not forget those who hurt them. They are lazy animals and shed a lot of hair so grooming and exercise is mandatory.

4. Rocking Retriever – The hairy dog breeds are one on the best dogs for kids. The pedigree ambassador loves to play with children and very easy going. It sheds lot of hair and is prone to skin allergies. Brushing is part of the day to day pet care and bathing needs to be done only if the undercoat stinks. Definitely a long time pal to your lonely kids.

5. Playful Poodle - The intelligent poodle is also another patient breed. Very easy to potty train and maintain. They almost become a part of your family and demand to be in the indoors. Poodles are active and love to play. Grooming is expensive as are hypoallergenic. Bathing needs to done at least once in 10 days.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 17:37 [IST]
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