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Top 5 Versatile Dog Breeds

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Versatile Dogs
Your pets can be called versatile if they are easily adaptable and too easy going. These dog breeds keep you happy and make you feel privileged for being their proud owners. Let your kids pounce on them or have fun and you will find them patiently getting involved in the scene rather than pounce on and harm. Take a look to know the top 5 versatile dog breeds that help you choose a good pet for your home.

Top 5 Versatile Dog Breeds -

1. Spaniels – One of the smallest and versatile dog breeds are ranked No:1 for their intelligence, obedience and looks. They are even the best hunter breeds and have gained popularity for this reason. They can crouch on the prey that as far as two folds and bring them out of any hiding place. Because of their small built they can get into bushes and burrows and catch the prey. Cocker spaniel, clumber spaniel, Irish water spaniel are a few popular and adaptable pet breeds under spaniel.

2. Pointer – Are you an athlete and expect same kind of efficiency in your pet? Then you should go for the pointers. They are incredibly courageous and unbelievably good runners. They can spot the prey, lead the hunter both in water and land. They are also good family dogs and are very loyal to their family. One of the most well mannered. They can co exist with other pets as well. Pudelpointer, American Brittany are the known breeds.

3. Setters – These are another easy dog breeds. They are a combination of both speniels and pointers. They are most preferred dog breeds since the 14th century and still are the best breeds in town. They are quiet, have good senses and graceful. Suit for both outdoor and indoor activities. They are good tempered dogs and very playful. English, Irish and Gordon are the common breeds.

4. Retrievers – Well adaptable family pets and crazy hunters, the American dog breeds are the most wanted breeds in the world. They look soft but are ideal hunters. They help their owners to get the shot birds.They atre also called duck hunting dogs. These dog breeds do not requires special care but the normal pet care tips itself is enough for the nurturing.

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Story first published: Monday, October 31, 2011, 17:17 [IST]
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