Naming Pets : Reasons And Suggestions

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Naming Pets
For many, pets are more than just animals, they are best companions when alone. We call them "best", as they do not demand for anything but show the same kind of love and care for their masters, which is why pets need names. Naming pets not only helps during pet care but it is also important for training and communicating.

Naming pets, is nowadays a fantasy. Some name their pets with their favorite stars, some with the people they hate, some like calling them by weird sounds (like choo choo, moo moo etc).

Chitra, a Mangalore university student named her dog Naveen after the break up. “ i was so upset when he dumped me, i cried for weeks. My friend gifted me a pup and i named it Naveen. When ever i see my ex-boyfriend, i call my dog aloud and when he turns towards me, it is awful for him to see me cuddling my dog, I feel so much better.

Even stars don't escape from such crazy emotions. After the Shahrukh, Salman split, the macho man Salman Khan had named his pet as Shahrukh. It is said that naming pets will help people get over with their stress.

Even the brand endorsements these days are catching the idea of the pet faithful behavior. Some name their pets as Zoo Zoo, Touch. Some call them with their favorite cartoon characters like Aladdin, Mickey, Dollar, Donald etc.

“I have a fish of Arowana breed and i have named it Titanic because it is huge and i love it so much like the movie Titanic." says Mantra.

People don't find reasons to name their pets, some may call them with their favorite beverages or food stuffs. Different type of pet names include Whisky, Boozer, Cheese etc are a few examples.

“My father-in-law is a horrible man, he never liked me. He was against our marriage, which is why I call my pet with his abbreviation IPS (I.P Seetharam), says Karan.

There are scientific reasons for naming pets too. The owner finds it comfortable as they can just whisper the name of the pet and it will be on the doorstep. It makes the life of the pet owner even easier. Other reasons like finding the missing pet in a busy place will help by calling its name.

If naming gives a sense of special feel for pets then it is a sense of security to the owner.

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Story first published: Monday, June 6, 2011, 17:55 [IST]
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