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Tips To Care For Female Dog In Heat/Menstruation

By Shabana Khachi

We all love our pet pooches, don't we? We share our happy and sad moments with them, they understand about our emotional needs and are a best thing to have during painful heartbreaks. They are huge stress busters. In fact, studies have proven that having a pet increases life expectancy by at least 20%.

This is largely due to increased cardiovascular health and low stress levels, just by having our best buddies around. This may be the main reason behind the saying "A Dog is Man's best friend".

A Dog is a very faithful companion. They are known to emotionally connect with their owners. You can hear your dog whining when you are sad or it may refuse to leave your side when you are upset. They understand our every need and are always there for us. Similarly, shouldn't you be there for your pet too when it needs you?

Female dogs require some extra attention from our side when they are menstruating. A female dog has various health problems such as menstruation, commonly known as heat or estrous cycle. If your female pet pooch is not spayed, she goes through menstruation and the chance of getting pregnant is very high. Female dogs are very prone to getting breast cancer, so it is very important to spray them and keep them healthy and free from diseases.

When a female dog is in heat or is considered to be in season, blood is secreted from her vagina for 3 weeks and the vulva swells. A female dog comes to heat at 6 months interval. During this time, the hormones are prepared for breeding.

It is good to maintain hygiene to prevent your pet pooch from getting infections. If you have no idea how to go about doing it, do not worry. We are here to help you.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your female dog, when they come in heat.

Care For Female Dogs In Season Or Heat:

1. Note down the first day of the menstruation, so as to count the next date easily. As the dog comes to season after 6 months, you can prepare for the next season according to the date.

2. If you wish to go for breeding, this is the right time. If you don't want her to breed and get pregnant, sterilize her to increase her life span and reduce cramps.

3. If the female dog is bleeding heavily in heat, buy diapers or pants for them. This keeps the house clean and maintains hygiene too. Nowadays, doggie panties are widely available for this very purpose, making things very easier for you.

4. Keep the dog in a room where she can rest and has the company of members around her. Dogs don't like to stay alone and follow their owners. So, be with your pet and care for her during her heat or estrous cycle.

5. At night, keep the dog in a crate, as they are easy to clean and comfortable for the dog too.

6. During the estrous cycle, dogs urinate a lot, so take them out for a walk or keep them in place, which can be cleaned easily. Do remember, never to take them unleashed, as they may tend to stray.

7. If you are taking your female dog out, be careful, as the male dogs can smell the heat and can try to come close for an intercourse.

8. Understand your female dog when she is in season. Don't get angry if she urinates in the house.

9) Make sure not to take your pet pooch to any event pertaining to other dogs. Female dogs leave a very strong scent when they are in heat and this may attract unwanted attention from male dogs.

10) Menthol can be used to make the scent of your female dog. Just dab a bit of it at the end of its tail before going for a walk and you can be sure of no unwanted visitors.

11) It is important to keep your pet pooch calm. It may get nervous or anxious during this period. Staying closer to her and petting her will relax her nerves.

12) Consult your Vet regarding it. Though it is not a serious health issue, he may hand out some tips for you to take care of your pooch.

13) Giving them nutritious food during this time is equally important. This is the period where they would need extra nutrition. Make sure to give her tasty treats and food, which will fulfill all her nutritional requirement.

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