Tips To Care For Female Dog In Heat/Menstruation

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Female Dog Heat
A female dog has various health problems such as menstruation commonly known as heat or estrous cycle. If the female dog is not spayed, she goes through menstruation and the chances of getting pregnant is very high. Female dogs are very prone to getting breast cancer so it is very important to spay the female dogs and keep them healthy and free from health diseases.

When the female dog is in heat, also known as in season, blood is secreted from her vagina for 3 weeks and the vulva swells. A female dog comes to heat at 6 months interval. During this time, the hormones are prepared for breeding. It is good to maintain hygiene to prevent the dog from getting infections. Lets take a look at the care for female dogs during heat.

Care for female dogs in season or heat:

1. Note down the first day of the menstruation so as to count the next date easily. As the dog comes to season after 6 months, you can prepare for the next season according to the date.

2. If you wish to go for breeding, this is the right time. If you don't her to breed and get pregnant, sterilize her to increase her life span and reduce cramps.

3. If the female dog is bleeding heavily in heat, buy diapers or pants for female pets and use them. This keeps the house clean and maintains hygiene too.

4. Keep the dog in a room where she can rest and has the company of members around her. Dogs doesn't like to stay alone and follow their owners. So, be with your pet and care for her during her heat or estrous cycle.

5. At night, keep the dog in a crate as they are easy to clean and comfortable for the dog too.

6. During the estrous cycle, dogs urinate a lot so take them out for a walk or keep them in place which can be cleaned easily.

7. If you are taking your female dog out, be careful as the male dogs can smell the heat and can try to come close for an intercourse.

8. Understand your female dog when she is in season. Don't get angry or if she urinates in the house.

It is important to maintain hygiene during the heat as female dogs also feel uneasy due to diapers or pants. Change the diapers when required and give them nutritious food.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 3, 2011, 16:59 [IST]
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