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Artificial Or Digital Pets For You To Pamper!

By Denise Baptiste

Haven't you heard of Digital or rather artificial pets?


In this modern generation , technology has taken a very wide turn and has changed the whole generation today, that people have no time to look after real pets so they treat themselves to digital ones.

Evidently they grow fond of them in spite of not treating them with real tasty bones and rich milk.

These digital pets have a massive fan following in Japan, therefore they are adopted by countries like United States and United Kingdom in the 1990's.

There are three types of digital pets which are very common all through out the world and it has definitely become famous,for technology doesn't seem stable. They are :

Gadget Based Digital Pets-They are sold on palm sized computers, the screen has a small pet image and the buttons on the case help the user to basically perform different tasks on your pet like to feed it, bathe it, and to play with it. The strange thing is that these pets if not looked after properly they will emit a beep and sometimes die.


Some of these common pets are that of the Tamagotchi and Giga pets.

Web Based Digital Pets-The web based digital pets are usually free to use and anybody can sign up for them .Sites like virtual pet sites allow you to play these games and likewise earn virtual money to buy things for your pet like food and other items. Some games have also now encouraged the users to adopt pets to combat against the other members. Some of these common Web Based Pets are that of Neopets.

The Software Based Digital Pets- These kids of pets are capable to do different tasks . These pets involve in much more interactivity and higher level of visual effects. Some of these pets are that of Dogz , Aquazone, Puppy Luv etc.

Strange but true , there are some common features of the digital pets in regard to living pets and they are that these digital pets respond to when called, responds to the touch of the user, meets other pets, gets treated with facilities like that of supplies of toys , they even get involved in competition with the other pets and they also whine when not pampered.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 12:06 [IST]
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