Home Improvement Tips To Follow Before Bedtime

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We all lead busy lives. But, we should make sure we have enough of time on our hands to clean and pamper our home too. Most working women prefer to clean their abode after a day's work.

If you are that kind of a woman who loves to clean your home in the night before bedtime, then here are some of the golden rules to follow.


For example: it is important to never leave dirty dishes in the sink and wash them the next day, this will invite unwanted visitors like roaches and rats. Likewise, the other thing to keep in mind is washing clothes and drying them indoors at night.

This process will only cause the growth of bacteria in your home and thus bring on certain health issues too. Here are a handful of golden tips to follow at home before you go to sleep, take a look:


Do The Dishes: Never leave the dishes in the sink after dinner. Wash the dishes, allow them to dry naturally and clean your sink with a fresh piece of lemon and one tablespoon of vinegar. This will remove all odours from the sink and leave you behind with a shining clean sink.

Clean The Stove: After you are done cooking, clean the stove with a damp soft cotton cloth. Remove all oil stains from the stove with vinegar and salt. If there is any gravy stain on your stove, clean it with dishwasher soap.


Dust The Carpets: It is important to dust your carpets and welcome mat, before bedtime. Remove all the dust in the carpet which could give you an allergy if left behind.

Clean The Bed: Before you hit the sack, clean the bed your about to sleep on. Dust the bed with a cloth and ruffle the pillows too.

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Your Shoes: Remember to keep your shoes away from the bedroom. Stock all your footwear in a shelf and store it outside or in the veranda. This is another golden tip to follow before bedtime.

Flush The Toilet: Before you sleep, flush the toilet too. This will help to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh. Follow these golden rules at home before you sleep tonight.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 21:01 [IST]
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