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Simple Tips To Sharpen Knives At Home

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A dull knife is a cook's worst enemy, and easily the most dangerous tool you can have in your kitchen. It is important to sharpen the knives in your kitchen from time to time, as it can benefit easy chopping of vegetables, meat and fruits in no time.

Using a blunt knife in the kitchen will only increase your work load. Therefore, Boldsky shares with you a handful of easy tips on how to sharpen knives with a stone, a brick, and if you can afford, it is best to own a knife sharpener. However, there are only a few knives that are sharpener friendly, so make sure you only purchase those set of knives.

On the other hand, after you are done sharpening the knives, it is best to soak them in warm soapy water. After 15 minutes, transfer the sharpened knives to a solution containing one cup of water and half a cup of white vinegar. This solution will help the knives to last longer and prevent them from getting corroded.

So, take a look at how you can sharpen your kitchen knives with the help of these friendly tools available in your home.

how to sharpen knife

Rub It Against Steel
Purchase a small thick slab of steel or even a slab of iron. Rinse the slab well with water. Store it in the sunlight for half an hour. When the steel or iron slab is hot to touch, briskly sharpen the knife against the slab. You will see fumes and sparks coming out due to friction, so be careful during this process.

how to sharpen knife

Rub The Knives Against A Rod
To sharpen a knife at home, run it briskly against another steel or iron rod. Chefs are familiar with this rod, as it is used mainly for cutting meat at restaurants. This steel rod is user friendly and can sharpen the knives effectively as well.

how to sharpen knife

Use Granite Stone
Granite stone is another tool you can use to sharpen knives at home. Place the blunt side of the knife against the stone and strike the stone hard in 20 seconds to and fro. This little trick is safe to use, but here again tiny sparks can be emitted, so be careful and stand far.

how to sharpen knife

Purchase A Knife Sharpener
A knife sharpener is simply the best tool to use to sharpen a blunt knife. However, sharpeners are pretty expensive and can be used only to sharpen certain types of knives.

how to sharpen knife

Bricks Work Too
Bricks are another tool you can opt for to sharpen a blunt knife. Red bricks made out of clay are simply the best option to sharpen a blunt knife.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 12, 2015, 11:00 [IST]
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