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How To Clean Up Broken Glass On Carpet


How to clean up broken glass on carpet? When glass objects break at home, that too on the floor, they make the place messy. On the top of it, if you postpone the task of clearing them, then it would be a potential danger to both your family members and pets too. And when the glass breaks on your carpet, the cleaning process gets a bit tougher.

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If there are glass pieces on the floor, you can just get a broom stick and clear the pieces fast without waiting for long. But when the pieces are on a carpet, you need to be a bit more patient as the task isn't so easy. Cleaning up broken glass on carpets needs to be done carefully without getting hurt. If you are confused about how to do it, here are some ideas. Carefully follow them.

How to clean up broken glass on carpet

Take certain precautions

Firstly, ensure that you move your pets away from that place. Wear shoes before you step on that area where the fragments of broken glass exist. Before you clean up broken glass, you must first take such precautions.

Wear something to protect your hands

How to clean up broken glass on carpet? Well, wear gloves and slowly pick up the glass pieces. If there are no gloves at home, you can use forceps or ice-cube tongs. If you don't have anything to protect your hands, it would be dangerous as small glass fragments may hit your hand and cut your fingers. The bleeding would make the carpet messy. Also, an injury would be dangerous.

Get an old newspaper

Place those glass pieces in an old newspaper. Wrap it up and get it ready for disposal. Repeat the process until all big pieces are removed from the area. While you do this, ensure that you don't push the rest of the pieces into the carpet's fabric. If small fragments are pushed inside, they won't come out soon. And if they stay there and go unnoticed, then they may hurt you later when you walk around that place.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Now, get your vacuum cleaner and run it in that place. Get your dustbin and empty the vacuum cleaner in it. If you ignore it without emptying it, someone else in your family might put their hands on it carelessly and that would be dangerous. So, ensure that you immediately clean it.

Use a broom stick

If glass pieces are in areas where your hand can't reach, like under the furniture or any other object then you can use a broom stick to clear the glass pieces. This way, you can clean up broken glass without getting your carpet removed.

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