Cleaning Tips From Hotel Maids

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When we travel, we don’t look out for squalid hotels to stay as we are aware that the rugs will be stained and toilets mucky. But we prefer to stay in upscale hotels for their attractive rooms and clean interiors. Most expensive hotels practice a step by step sequence for cleaning rooms.

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Perfectly well kept hotels are aware that everything, from light switches, door handles to remote controls have to be kept germ-free on a daily basis. Most hotel maids who clean a large number of rooms every day are aware that guests arrive at their hotel only to relax and unwind and it is their job to ensure that every room is spotlessly clean and it has to smell as fresh as possible.

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If you want to know how to be quick and efficient to do squeaky cleaning, here are 10 cleaning secrets to steal from hotel maids that can help you clean in a jiffy.

Cleaning Secrets To Steal From Hotel Maids

Start With A Cleaning Plan
A clean room is definitely a breath of fresh air. It is important to have a scientific approach to cleaning. The hotel maids first try to clean out the mess from the room by emptying the trash, removing the linens and towels.

Perfect Cloth
A suitable cleaning cloth is one of the important cleaning secrets to efficient dusting and this is one approach that you can steal from hotel maids.

If you don't have microfibers then use proper cleaning cloth such as fabric made of cotton (maybe an old pillow case or a cloth diaper). When you are using it for dusting, make sure it is slightly damp. Never try to use terry cloth towels or polyester for cleaning since these kinds of fabric can never remove dust precisely.

Cleaning Secrets To Steal From Hotel Maids

Making Beds
Hotels maids usually put the long end of a sheet on the short end of the mattress. They place the tags on the left for king size beds while the tags that are placed for the right corner are for queen size.

To get rid of the confusion about which is the right or left corner try to mark the inside seam. Place the clean sheets (one fitted sheet and one flat sheet) on the bed and deposit the pillows on the crease. The comforter has to come on the top of the bed.

Cleaning Secrets To Steal From Hotel Maids

Whack The Drapes
One of the important 10 cleaning secrets to steal from hotel maids is to whack the drapes with a hand towel so as to cart off the dust that have circulated over a period of time.

Mop From The Corner

This is ideally one of the most important cleaning secrets to learn from hotel maids. They always vacuum or sweep before mopping and usually try to swab from the far corner.

Cleaning Secrets To Steal From Hotel Maids

Bathrooms Towards The End
Bathrooms have to be cleaned towards the end so as to lessen the bacterial transfer. The hotel maids try to spray the bathtub and shower walls with bathroom cleaner and they make sure to swab them down with a rag.

They change the shower curtain if they find it grubby. They try to spray the toilet and the seat with the cleaner and make sure to use a different rag to wipe them down.

Cleaning Secrets To Steal From Hotel Maids

Cleaning Products Need Time
They spray the cleaning products on the areas such as shower walls and toilet and then allow the substance to stay for a few minutes before they wipe them down.

During those few minutes they try to clean the mirrors, medicine cabinet and windows. Then later on they make sure to wash off the surfaces that have being sprayed with a cleaner.

Vacuum The Most Walked Spot
One of the 10 cleaning secrets to steal from hotel maids is to vacuum the most walked on areas from top to bottom. Try to vacuum yourself out since this way you clean the walked on spots for the second time.

Cleaning Secrets To Steal From Hotel Maids

Favourite Cleaner
Their favourite weapon for cleaning includes one part white vinegar and three parts water. These ingredients clear the dregs that were left behind earlier by some other maids.

Toothbrushes Comes Handy
It is better to have a toothbrush once in awhile to clear the dirt from your house. Using several small brushes can easily get into the fissure or crevice that is found in the bathroom. One of the important cleaning secrets to steal from hotel maids is that they use small brushes to clean the bottom screws of the toilet.

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Story first published: Monday, July 20, 2015, 23:29 [IST]
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