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9 Best Natural Ways To Clean A Dishwasher


Most women find it rather unpleasant to clean the dirty dishes piled in the sink, especially if they have just returned from a tiring day at office. Dishwashers come to the rescue of women.

Dishwashers are helpful in your kitchen to clean up the pile of plates after meal, most importantly after dinner when you have nothing other than rushing to your bed in your mind.

Many women consider dishwashers as lifesavers, but now they have a different problem. The dishwasher also needs to be cleaned in order to function properly. Now, we need to know the best natural way to clean a dishwasher.


Here, we discuss all natural ways to clean a dishwasher:

Vinegar magic: Vinegar is the most effective and most commonly used among all natural ways to clean a dishwasher. Place a cup of vinegar on both racks of your appliance and run it on hot cycle to clean it.

A little baking soda: In order to get a better clean out of your cups of vinegar, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom and leave it overnight. This is a natural way to clean a dishwasher.

The borax way: Borax is sodium borate and in order to try all natural ways to clean a dishwasher, sprinkle the inside of your machine with borax and scrub away after some time. Rinse out properly before a new load.

Good old bleach: This is another sodium-based cleaning agent. It is sodium hypochlorite chemically if it is liquid bleach. Be careful before using this best natural way to clean a dishwasher as it is harmful to stainless steel.

Zing with tang: If you think that tang is something to have on a hot day, think again! Tang is the best natural way to clean a dishwasher and the citrus content will take care of any hard water deposits.

Cool with Kool-Aid: This is yet another best natural way to clean a dishwasher. Do not restrict this to a cool drink to have in summer. This also contains citrus which takes care of hard water deposits.

The baking soda comb: Another way to use baking soda as the best natural way to clean a dishwasher is to make hardened little clumps of it by mixing in an essential oil. Put this in the empty appliance and run it on a hot cycle.

Last minute saviour: If your cleaning helper smells bad even after having tried all natural ways to clean a dishwasher, use a small amount of store brought cleaning agent and run a cycle to get it cleaned.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 5:04 [IST]
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