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8 Ways To Remove Turmeric Stains From Clothes

Removing stains from fabric has always been a hectic procedure. There is no way any household can escape from this chore, especially with cooking and small kids around. There are different types of stains, which require special care and treatments. A few stains are very easy to remove; just some water and detergent would do the trick. But, there are many other stains from products that we use daily, like stains that made with turmeric.

Turmeric is a bright yellow aromatic powder from a plant in the ginger family. It has a large amount of medicinal values and also used as an antiseptic. But once on your dress, removing turmeric stains from fabric is difficult.

Removing turmeric stains from fabric can be close to impossible if not attended to as soon as possible. Removing turmeric stains from fabric depends on a few factors like the type of fabric, amount of turmeric that made the stain and the age of the stain. If the stains are older, it will be comparatively more difficult to remove them.


Though it is hard to remove turmeric stains from clothes, there are various ways, which are used to do this. Usually a good detergent or lemon is used. Apart from these, the following are a few ways that can be tried in removing turmeric stains from fabric.

Dry Detergent
This method can be used for both colour and whites. Rub the stain with a dry detergent bar and allow it to set in the stain. Once the detergent sets in, rinse it and dry it out.

Water and Soap
Removing stains from fabric can also be done by washing the stained fabric in cool water and soap. Dry the clothes in the sun and then wash normally with other clothes.

Using Bleach and Water
The stained area needs to be washed and then soaked in a mixture of bleach and water. Then, soak the garment in a mixture of water and baking soda overnight. This can help in removing stains from fabric.

Vinegar can be used in removing turmeric stains from fabric. For using vinegar, rinse the stained area with water and then use liquid soap and allow setting. Rinse the stain and then apply vinegar to remove the residual stain

The stained area needs to be rubbed with lemon and then dried in the sun till the stain fades. Then, wash the clothes in a normal washing cycle. This process needs to be repeated in removing stains from fabric.

Glycerine products are used in removing turmeric stains from fabric. This can be used by flattening the fabric and rubbing glycerine on the stained area. Allow it to set for about an hour, and then wash in a normal cycle.

Hydrogen Peroxide
This is easily available in any pharmacy. Use this only on white fabrics. Removing stains from fabric can be done by rubbing the stained portion of the fabric with hydrogen peroxide. Wash this off well after some time.

Dry Cleaners
Removing turmeric stains from fabric using home remedies can be hectic. Depending on the age of the stain, there are chances that the stain may not be removed completely. Here, you can prefer professional dry cleaning.

Story first published: Saturday, June 7, 2014, 6:01 [IST]
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