Tips For Cleaning A Wooden Wardrobe


Are you thinking of throwing away your old wooden wardrobe for getting a new one? Then, it is the right time for you to be reading this. If you are ready to spend some of your time and effort, you can make your wooden wardrobe look new. Knowing how to clean a wooden wardrobe will help you give new life to your wardrobe.

Cleaning wooden wardrobes is not a difficult task if you know some tips and tricks. Apart from other wardrobes that are made of metal or other materials, wooden wardrobe demands a little more care.


If not using the perfect cleaning agents and cleaning techniques while cleaning wooden wardrobes, it may get damaged fast. Here we discuss how to clean a wooden wardrobe without much exertion and sweat.

Tips For Cleaning A Wooden Wardrobe

Use a microfibre cloth: If you are wondering how to clean a wooden wardrobe without much hassle, using a soft microfibre cloth will be the simplest solution. This will help avoid scratches on your wooden wardrobe.

Use white vinegar: If your wardrobe is very dirty and dusty, using white vinegar will be a good idea. Pour some white vinegar on to the cleaning cloth and use this to wipe clean your wardrobe. Clear off any remnants with water and then wipe dry.

Clean angles and corners:
Don’t forget to clean the angles and corners of your wooden wardrobe. You can do this by using a cotton swab moistened with water. Remember to dry the area by a dry cotton swab.

Never use abrasive sponge: Using an abrasive sponge to clean your wooden wardrobe is a bad option. This will result in scratches on the surface. If you have a varnished wooden wardrobe, it will end up making you disappointed.

Keep it dry: If your wooden wardrobe is varnished, allowing moisture to remain on it may not be a good idea. Most of the varnishes that we use are not waterproof and this may damage the wood over time. Keep a dry cloth along with you to dry the area just after applying water.

Don’t rub: Always prefer circular movement while you are cleaning a wooden wardrobe. Never try to rub on the surface. If you find any sticky dirt, it is better to use a mild household cleaning agent.

Don’t use baking soda: Even though baking soda is considered as a good cleaning agent, it is not recommended while cleaning wooden wardrobes. Cleaning wooden wardrobes with baking soda may harm the texture.

Make it a routine: Clean your furniture including wooden wardrobes at least once in two days. This will help keep your wardrobe looking new. Allowing dust to settle may make the task more tedious.

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