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6 Tips To Care For Stained Fridges

By Pooja Kaushal

Are you one of those who put stuff in the fridge and forget about it? Don’t shy away. There are many of us who do so. There may be that one little box that gets pushed away to one corner and is not visible for months. When you take it out, you would not want to look inside it. At times, if we are a little careless, it also happens that small spills go unnoticed leaving behind a stain. How do you clean those stains?

Stains are marks left by something and if they are left unattended, they can be way too difficult to get rid of. But you need not worry. Nothing is impossible. No stain is strong enough to deface your fridge – neither inside nor outside. Stained fridge tips can help you bid goodbye to the toughest of stains and have a sparkling fresh fridge all over again. You just need to have a few everyday things ready with you for cleaning a fridge.

So are we ready to clean a fridge? You can consider the following to be some of the simplest and most easy tips of cleaning a fridge and getting excellent results. No need to run to the supermarket to get chemical solutions.

Act immediately:
Nothing works better than acting immediately. Just in case, you are taking out your milk canister and a little milk splashes out, grab a cloth or napkin and wipe it then and there. The sooner you do it, the faster and easier it is. If you happen to let it rest, you will soon realise that the milk has dried out and stuck to the surface. That calls for extra work.

Soapy water:
Warm soapy water is the simplest solution you can use to clean your fridge. Dissolve liquid dish wash or a mild detergent in a bowl of warm water and mop the stains in the fridge. One or two strokes should loosen the stain. Another one or two will clean it. Finish off with a dry mop.

Vinegar: Talking about stained fridge tips and you sure need to include vinegar. This inexpensive, everyday item in the kitchen packs in amazing wonders. It is an excellent cleaner and stain remover. You can cover the area with undiluted vinegar. When you see the stain loosening, clean the area with a cloth and finish with a dry mop. The smell of vinegar does not last long.

Baking soda: Got very tough stains? Cover with a layer of baking soda and spray a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Let it rest for some time and soon the stain will start giving away. Then it is an easy task to achieve.

Lemon: Lemon is a close cousin to vinegar. All natural and pleasant smelling. Reserve those used lemon peels as they work as good stain removers. If you encounter a stain in the fridge, you can rub the inside of the lemon peel on the stain. Keep rubbing and see the stain gradually disappear.

Shelf mats: Small spillages are unavoidable but there is a way to keep things simple and easy. The market has non-slippery silicon mats that can be used on fridge shelves. They serve as a covering to the shelf and can be washed whenever there is a spillage. These mats cover the shelf and save you the effort of cleaning shelves every time.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 23:00 [IST]
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