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Ways To Use Onion As House Cleaner

Onion is not usually seen as a cleaning agent like lemon or baking soda. The uses of onion are restricted as a kitchen ingredient. We either use it for cooking or for beauty treatment. But people hardly think of onion as a house cleaner. The uses of onions are thus grossly underestimated. The main reason why onions are not seen as house cleaners is because they smell awful. But who says that every cleaning agent must have a refreshing smell!

The uses of onions to clean your kitchen and house should not be judged by their stink. The texture of onions and their cleaning ability makes them very potent cleaners. Here are some ways to use onions as house cleaners.

Cleaning Grill

Your grill usually has a mass of charred remains on it that is very hard to get rid of. The hard mass deposits on your grill can be scrubbed off with a piece of onion. The purging qualities of onion juice soften the burned substance and the piece of onion scoops it off.

Cleaning Gas Stove

Even your gas stove has a series of ugly spills that harden and leave stubborn marks. A piece of onion can be used to clean up these stubborn stains. The juicy nature of onions help to clean up spill stains easily. And if you add some salt to the equation, then the uses of onion as a house cleaner are enhanced.

Cleaning Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are usually the toughest things to clean in your kitchen. They accumulate years of oily filth that can be cleaned only with a very effective cleaning agent. You can try dipping a piece of half cut onion in baking soda and then scrubbing the exhaust fan. The onion juice and soda together will cleanse the exhaust fan.

Cleaning Window Nets

Window nets are usually very difficult to clean even with brushes. They are just two fine and you can never get the dirt out of tiny holes in the net. Try rubbing a slice of onion on your window nets. Not only will your nets get cleaned in one swipe, but the smell of the onions will also naturally repel insects.

Polishing Metals

Metals like brass and copper have to be polished with special care. There are different polishing solutions to clean them. But if you are in a hurry, then some onion juice will be enough to polish these metals temporarily.

These were some of the main uses of onions as house cleaners. Have you used onions in any other way to clean your home?

Story first published: Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 11:10 [IST]
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