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What To Do With Clothes Worn Once?

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Worn Clothes
Suppose you wore your best shirt to work today; you went to a meeting in an air conditioned conference room so no sweat and dust. Will you put your clothes for washing immediately after coming home. Well most of us do not put clothes worn once for washing because they are not dirty enough to wash and repetitive washing makes clothes fade. Especially your good clothes must be saved from the assault of daily wash.

So what you do with these clothes worn only once? Here are some options.

Clothes Worn Once: What You Can Do With Them?

1. Usually you just toss them around here and there and they travel though the entire house until they go for washing with the dirty clothes, or else, they accumulate dust till you remember them again. Both are not right ways to deal with them.

2. You definitely cannot fold then up and put them back into the cupboard. This is because, even if you were not all wet and sweaty, some amount of sweat must have settled in the clothes. This will let bacteria and fungi multiply. You might even see mold on your clothes worn once after a few days, especially on the armpits.

3. Another reason is that you use deodorants and perfumes, so they mix with your sweat and give out an nose blocking smell. If kept in the cupboard it will make the other fresh clothes stink because it is air tight.

4. Sun drying these clothes can help get rid of the bacteria and the smell. When you are sun drying your clothes make sure you do not put them under harsh sunlight because that burn out the colour. Even a slant warm beam of sunlight will be enough to disinfect your clothes without washing.

5. If it is winter or the rainy season and you are not getting enough sunshine to roast your clothes in the sun, then there is another smart option. Everybody likes space and so do your clothes. Give them air to breathe and they will stay fresh. What you have to do is hang the clothes on a hanger and let them get some air under the fan.

6. You can either air dry or put your clothes under the sun but do not do it for more than 1 one day. After that fold your clothes neatly and put them in a separate rack (don not mix with the freshly washed clothes) in the wardrobe.

7. If you keep them out for long then they either get tossed around and crumple or start absorbing dust so that when you finally come back to them, they are too dusty to wear.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 16:40 [IST]
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