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6 Valentines Day Cleaning Ideas That We Swear By

Post valentine, your house will be in a big mess. Your partner's dress stained with lipstick, wine, chocolate and food stains on the dress as well as on carpets. The empty bottles need to be discarded, food remains and messy bedroom will all have to clean and organised. Take a look to know a few tips about valentines day cleaning (after cleaning) and more.

Valentines Day After Cleaning – Tips

If you still stressed and in a hangover, you need not worry as it is too simple to set right the mess.

1. For lipstick, wine and food stains on apparels – Soak them in soapy lukewarm water, hand wash the dress. You can also use your old soft-bristled toothbrush to take off the stains easily.

2. Candle wax – If your carpet has drips of a candle, all you need to do is use your old hairdryer over it and scrape using the plastic putty knife.

3. Chocolate stains – Use a stain remover (lemon, vinegar solution) or mild soapy water to remove stains. For light coloured clothes, you can conceal the stubborn stains using bleach pen or fabric paint.

4. Empty Wine Bottles – No-soil plants grow well in wine bottles and look attractive. They can decorate tables and windows.

5. Messy Bedroom – Make the bed and place some cushions in the dashboard area. The flooring can also be swept and mopped. Window curtains can be replaced with the normal cotton curtains.

6. Soot On The Walls (Kitchen) – Using a dry sponge, remove the stains by soaking it little by little in water or vinegar.

Do share these valentines day after cleaning tips as it will help many youngsters and bachelors who complain of these problems.