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Ways To Remove Iron Stains From Clothes

Iron stains can be really tricky to get rid off! These stains can come on your washed clothes when you hang them to dry on an iron wire or on an iron hanger. In some places, the amount of ironcontent in water is more. That is why, your white clothes become yellow even after washing properly. These iron stains are difficult to remove and can be clearly visible if your clothes are light in colour. To get rid of iron stains from clothes, here are few tips for you.
  • Add a tbsp of vinegar in water every time you wash clothes. Make sure that white clothes are washed with vinegar. White colour turns yellow due to the iron content in water. So, just add vinegar in warm water after you wash the clothes.
  • You can also add a pinch of salt in water. After washing the clothes, soak them in salt water for 10-20 seconds and then rinse again. Salt cuts down the iron from the fabric.
  • To remove iron stains from clothes, just soak them in vinegar water overnight. Do not add salt if you are soaking overnight. Salt can lighten the fabric colour.
  • Never use bleach to get rid of iron stains. Always prefer a strong detergent rather than adding bleach in the bucket or washing machine. Bleach only settles the stains thus making it difficult to get rid of the strong rust stains from the clothes.
  • If you are scared to soak the cloth in vinegar or salt solution, try this trick. Just spread the cloth on the floor. Sprinkle white vinegar on the iron stain and then rub it with salt. Leave for 5 minutes and then scrub with a sponge dipped in fresh water.
  • Rub the stain with a slice of lemon. Lemon removes all the stubborn stains from the clothes. If the process is not working, add a pinch of sea salt to remove iron stains from clothes.
  • Baking soda is another ingredient that can be used to get rid of stubborn iron stains from clothes. Just add 1 tsp baking soda in ½ bucket of cold water. Soak the clothes in the solution for 15-20 minutes and then wash with a mild detergent (soap or powder). Let it air dry.
  • Never put the clothes in dryer unless the stains have completely gone. After drying, it is more difficult to get rid of the stains. If the stain doesn't diminish with one proceduce, try another and make sure the clothes are not stained. If the clothes cannot be scrubbed, just apply white vinegar and sprinkle salt. Leave for 2-3 hours under the sun and then rinse with a mild detergent.

Try these procedures to remove iron stains from clothes permanently. If the stains come again, prefer hot or mineral water for washing them.

Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2012, 17:36 [IST]
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