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Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinet

Cockroaches are a free tenant of your kitchen. Whenever you turn on the light, you will see your tenant running here and there in order to hide from you. Although cockroaches play an importnat role in recycling the ecosystem, finding their presence in your kitchen sink or cabinet can be a big concern. You make several attempts to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen on a regular basis, but all your effort goes in vein when the cockroaches enter the cabinet and tear the food packets.

Even after using sprays for pest control, few weeks later the tenants return back. Thus, there are few natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen cabinets permanently. Lets brief out the homely formulas for pest control.

Natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches from kitchen cabinets:
  • Put red wine inside the cabinet to prevent cockroaches from entering inside. Just pour 1/3 of red wine in a bowl and place it inside the cabinet. You can even keep it on kitchen slab to prevent the cockroaches from attacking open food.
  • Use powdered sugar to get rid of cockroaches from the kitchen cabinets. You can place small bowls or small bottle caps to keep powdered sugar inside the cabinets. You can also mix sugar powder with boric acid powder and keep them inside the cabinets.
  • Egg shells are another effective home remedy to get rid of cockroaches from kitchen. Just keep empty egg shells inside the shelves and on the slab to prevent cockroaches from entering your kitchen.
  • Cloves is a spice that we add to make curries, gravies and herbal tea. You can use this spice to get rid of cockroaches permanently. Place few whole cloves inside the cabinets. Keep changing after a week to prevent the cockroaches from entering the cabinets.
  • Borax powder is an insecticide that can be used for home cleaning. Just clean the kitchen cabinets fortnightly if you get too many cockroaches. If you have 2-4 small cockroaches, just sprinkle borax powder once. If the power goes and cockroaches come again, maintain the schedule of 15 days.
  • In a bowl, add little baking soda powder. Keep the bowl in the cabinet and close the cabinet. Replace soda in bowl after 10-15 days as the power and smell goes away due to moisture.

These are few home remedies to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen cabinets. Never leave food open. It is a home to flies and insects. Clean the kitchen slab regularly and make sure you clean the cabinet once in a month at least. Keep your cabinets closed so that your remedies work out. This prevents the cockroaches from becoming your tenant! If the cockroaches come even after implementing these ideas, use a cockroach sticky trap to catch them.

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