Natural Cleaners For Your Dishes

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Natural Cleaners
Natural cleaners for your dishes can be easily prepared in the confines of your home. Washing dishes can become simple by using some home remedies. You can wash your dishes with some easy ingredients present in your house. Some simple uses of home remedies to clean dishes are given below.

Natural Cleaners For Your Steel Utensils

  • White Vinegar Uses- This ingredient is very useful for washing your dishes. You need white vinegar, a clean cloth, baking soda and spray bottles. This natural cleaner can be used to get some shine on steel utensils. Take white vinegar in your spray bottle and just spray it on your stainless steel utensils.
  • Take a clean cloth and spread the white vinegar in a circular motion. Your fingerprints and marks will disappear in no time. Vinegar uses are many, and they prove to make useful detergents. This is because they are non toxic in nature.
  • Olive Oil- To wash your stainless steel appliances you can try out this easy method. You will just need olive oil, white vinegar and cleaning cloths. Take two cloth pieces, put vinegar on one and olive oil on the other.
  • Clean your dish with the olive oil cloth once and then wipe it with the vinegar cloth. Let the utensils dry for some time. You will notice that the marks have disappeared. Olive oil as a natural cleaner can help you get spotless utensils.

Baby Oil- To clean your steel dishes you can use baby oil. You need baby oil, vinegar, water, cloth to clean and spray bottle. In a spray bottle, add two parts with vinegar and one part with water. Spray it on your dishes and clean it with a cloth to wipe off the liquid. Then wipe all the utensils with baby oil again and clean it with a cloth. This will work wonders for your steel utensils, and you will get shiny vessels without much hassle.

Natural Cleaners For Aluminum Utensils

Vinegar For Aluminum Utensils
- To clean your aluminum dishes you can try out this homemade detergent. You need to take 1 litre water and four tablespoons of vinegar. Mix both the ingredients and boil them for ten minutes. Clean your dishes with this mixture using a wool pad and rinse them. You will notice sparkling shine on your aluminum vessels.

Rust Removers
- Removing rust from your utensils is possible with some easy home made detergents. If you notice rust spots on your utensils, then you can clean them using a potato. Cut a raw potato it has to be a peeled one. Dip it in salt or baking soda and rub it over your rust spots. You will notice that the spots have vanished, dry it thoroughly to prevent it from rusting again due to moisture.

These are some easy home improvement tips for you to try.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2012, 14:00 [IST]
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