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5 Uses Of Rubber Bands At Home

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Rubber Band
Do you know that there are multiple uses of a rubber band for easy and cheap home decor. It is not to be thrown away after you are done using it. There are many advantages of having a girl in the house because girls use rubber bands of varying colours and types. See how you can put it to other uses to decorate your home. Discover some unusual ways to use a rubber band and have fun while improving your sweet home using these ideas.

Curtains- Curtains become difficult to maintain sometimes. Instead of using a cloth strap for holding the curtain together you can try a rubber band. Use a rubber band of almost the same shade as the curtain and tie it in the middle. It will camouflage with the background colour and look sleek and beautiful.

Tie Up Things- You may tie up things with a rubber band to keep them in place. For example, you may take some pencils or pens and tie them together so that they do not get scattered here and there in the house. Keep them over your study table or a pen stand. You can also segregate different coloured wires with a rubber band. Tie a rubber band around the thread spools and prevent them from tangling. Not only that, you may also tie up the pieces that have fallen apart from a broom with a rubber band.

Candle- Want to prevent the candle wax from dripping on the table or any other surface you keep it on. Here is an easy trick for the purpose. Use a rubber band and tie it around the middle of the wax candle. The wax will get accumulated around it and it will barely drop. You can use glittery bands for the purpose to make it look good. You can easily use these candles to decorate your home.

Pipes- Have a leak in your hose pipe? No worries. There is an easy way for home improvement in this regard. Tie a strong rubber band around the leakage area and find a quick though temporary solution to the problem.

Handles- Who else can know the better use of rubber bands in the kitchen other than a woman. If the handle of your knife or any other utensil has loosened then tie a rubber band strongly around it. This will strengthen the grip of it and will prevent it from coming out.

Use a rubber band in these varied ways for easy home improvement and manage your home in better way.

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