Uses Of Cola For Cleaning

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Have you thought of doing any thing else with cola other than just drinking it? There is much more to it. Cola is good for cleaning many household items. So, next time instead of sipping the whole glass of cola, save some for home improvement also. The uses of cola are many and diverse. Let us see that how we can use the bubbling magic of this carbonated drink for cleaning purposes.

Clean Burnt Pans- Cola is useful for cleaning burnt pans. When pots get burnt they develop a black layer which becomes almost impossible to remove. But wait, use cola for washing your pan this time. To make your pan look brand new once again, resort to the uses of cola for cleaning.

Cola For Cleaning

Fill the pan with cola so that all stains are covered. Then put it over a gas oven on simmer. Turn off the gas oven after 15-20 minutes. Bring down the pan and scrub it. See how all the stains are removed in a flash.

Remove Stains- Why buy stain removers from the market when you have a cheap one at your home itself. Cola is very effective in removing stains from cloth. It can remove any greasy spots or blood stains from a piece of cloth.

For removing grease from clothes just add a can of cola to the bucket or washing machine along with the usual detergent and water. Find all greasy marks disappear after a single wash. And if it is blood stains then pour cola directly to the stained spot and let it stay for a few minutes. Wash the cloth in detergent then and find all marks fade away. The uses of cola for cleaning clothes is simply awesome.

Clean Toilet- Use cola for cleaning toilet. You can clean your bathtub, sink and toilet pot with it. Pour the cola on these items and allow it to stay for 20-30 minutes. Use a toilet brush to break the film of dirt and then flush it. To your utter amazement, after you use cola to clean toilet, you will find a glittering bathroom.

Remove Rust- Cola is used for cleaning rust from metallic items also. They break down the rust particles thus making cleaning much easier. This one of the most amazing of all the uses of cola. Soak the rusted articles in cola overnight and then give it a rub the next morning. Cola can remove rust in an effective way and add a shine to metal items.

Clean Glass- You can clean car or home windows using a cola. The citric acid in cola makes it an excellent glass cleaner. Pour the cola over the glass and then rub it off with a piece of damp sponge or cloth. The glass will shine after this cola treatment.

Have the taste and benefits of cola together next time.

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