Top 5 Ways To Make Clothes Smell Great!

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Clothes Smell Good
Summer is soon arriving and it is time to wash and preserve all the woolen wear, blankets in wardrobes. Not only the winter apparels, even the daily wear require maintenance as sweating and dust is more during the hot season. Normally, washed clothes do not smell good due to dampness or detergent reaction. Today, we will discuss a few natural ways to make your clothes smell good after wash.

5 Ways To Make Your Clothes Smell Fresh

1. Boil a big piece of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves in about ' litre water and allow it to cool. After you wash all your winter wear and daily wear, simply soak them in the fragrant water and put it to dry. The spices will keep away mold, mildew and moth.(Note: Only dark coloured clothes)

2. Rose petals, mint and basil leaves can also be added to the boiling water and cooled. The washed clothes can be soaked in the bucket and dried in shade (only dark coloured).

3. The eucalyptus and guava leaves are best natural fabric fresheners. Just add a few leaves to the luke warm water and soak all your blankets and carpets. The leaves have a strong fragrance that will away germs and fungus until next winter.

4. The lemon peels needn't be discarded but added to boiling water. Strain the peels and use the water to soak tee-shirts and light coloured clothes.

5. Twigs of sandalwood, sweet marjoram and davana plant (Artemisia Pallens) can be added to water, its fragrance is strong and effective enough to take care of the clothes.

Sundry the clothes and iron them (if required) after dry. Always wrap them in a clean muslin cloth or thick paper to avoid contact with the wood of the wardrobe.

With these you can place a few satchets of the homemade natural fresheners. The dried flowers and seeds of basil can be sealed into a small packet and placed like a freshener.

Cotton soaked in the essential oils can be sealed in a plastic bag and hung to one of the hangers of the wardrobe.

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Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 16:16 [IST]
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