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How To Clean & Store Seafood?

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Cleaning seafood is no mean task. Only someone who has not done it and failed to leave behind stains and smell will disagree with this statement. It is one thing to clean vegetables and even meat because it does not stink like a seaside stall but with seafood you need a few tricks here and there to be perfect. Moreover storing seafood too is a problem that needs addressing because it is easily gets spoiled and by less or over freezing. Some types of seafood are also pretty precarious because they contain poison (prawn has Tomen poison for example) that needs to be removed before cooking or consuming them.

Due to so many complications in it a good homemaker needs to know the best way for cleaning seafood and also storing it.

Tips For Cleaning And Storing Seafood:

Prawns are the most popular seafood in the world and therefore it makes sense to start with them. First of all cut of the two shoot coming of out of the nose of the prawn with scissors and pull of the shell.

Use the same scissors to take out the poison nerve from the back of the prawn. Cut up the back of the prawn but not very deep. You will be able to see a black thread. Pull it out slowly so that portions of it are not left behind.

It is alright to eat prawns with their heads but make sure you wash them, especially the heads well. Rinse them under running water for at least 15 minutes before you are through.

Clean & Store Seafood
Others forms of shell fish like oysters and clamps can be cleaned in a similar manner just that y usually lack the poison nerve. Sea fish like pomphet and squid have to be eaten fresh for taste whereas salmon, tuna etc are seafood storing which after salting or drying is possible.

Some sea fish are really soft so they cannot be washed as hard as possible under running water. Fish like pomphet, surmai, Bombay duck have to soaked in water instead of rinsing firstly because they have less blood and also because they break on extensive washing.

Storing seafood in the refrigerator needs a particular temperature for sustenance. You need to deep freeze them at as low temperatures as your refrigerator allows. Unless you have bought smoked oe dried sea fish it cannot be stored in the lower compartments.

The smell of seafood is nauseating so never store it without wrapping it in foil or plastic containers. It will make everything else in your freezer stink like seafood.

The smell of seafood is not something that will leave your kitchen easily either. You need some special kitchen cleaning tips to get over the stench. Dispose of all the shells and waste left over after cleaning seafood immediately.

These home improvement tips for cleaning seafood and storing it will be really helpful to nay new homemaker.

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Story first published: Monday, November 7, 2011, 14:17 [IST]
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