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How To Clean Kitchen Sink Quickly?

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Kitchen Sink
To clean your kitchen sink you don't need any rocket science. All you need is a little bit of good sense and if you are a new home maker then we are here to help you to keep a clean kitchen. The kitchen is that place of your house where you need maximum hygiene. All the heat, water and ingredients mix together to create a very favourable atmosphere for insects and germs to breed. To avoid that you need to keep your kitchen clean.

Start with cleaning your kitchen sink because this is where you wash all the filth of your kitchen. Due to the constant use of water and all the dirt that passes through it, the kitchen sink is a tough place to keep clean but with these simple housekeeping tips you might just be able to do it.

Tips To Clean Kitchen Sink:

  • Firstly, to keep kitchen clean don't dump all the used plates and utensils in your kitchen sink. It makes your kitchen stink and attracts tiny black insects that are very difficult to get rid of.
  • Moreover, you need to use the sink constantly. If you dump the dishes there, they will accumulate pools of greasy water making the whole picture pretty messy.
  • Before you dump the used utensils give them a preliminary wash with running water. In this way you are getting rid of the grease before it hardens and clogs your sink drain.
  • Use a dish washing liquid that is aromatic because the stale smell of the used vessels and rotting grease need to be countered.
  • The washing pads like Scrotch Bright you use to scrub your vessels are usually left lying around in pools of water. Remember that it is a also a textile and will rot with moisture giving out a very foul smell. Squeeze out the water and store in a dry place.
  • If you wash down solid stuff like pieces of bread, rice, vegetables and meat skin, then your sink drain will be clogged. You have to either be careful while washing so that you put all solids and large particles in the dustbin before you do the dishes. The other option is to de-crap the drain every one month.
  • Get a drain cleaning power like Drainex or Cleanex and pour it down the drain pipe through the opening in the sink. Let it work for ten minutes and open the tap. The melting mass of accumulated filth smells awful so be prepared with a lot of room fresheners.
  • Most average kitchen sinks are made of steel or other metal. The liquid soap you use for washing your porcelain wash bowls will not cut any ice here. The best way to make your sink shine is to rub it with a piece of tamarind and salt. In the absence of a tamarind you can use lemon.

Keep your kitchen sink clean with these home improvement tips.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2011, 16:57 [IST]
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