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How To Keep Your Bathroom Dry?

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Dry Bathroom
Dry bathrooms are a modern norm we have adopted from the West. Gone are the days when we put buckets after buckets on our bathroom floor to make it appear clean. Now a days dry floors are preferred even if it means that the floor is not swept. Bathroom cleaning is essential but the problem is that wet floors become too messy for our modern sensibilities of bathroom hygiene and cleanliness.

Here are a few reasons why we should strive to keep our bathroom dry.

Wet Bathroom Blues:

  • Firstly the water accumulates in the corners and around the buckets to form moss over our precious tiles. It might make permanent stains on your floor.
  • We wet bathrooms give out a nauseating damp smell. Not at all appetizing for someone coming home after a hard days work.
  • We are usually in the habit of wearing bathroom slippers to the loo. If there is water on the bathroom floor there will soon be foot marks and muddy puddles. Yuck!

More over water eats way the walls and rots the wood on the door.

To avoid these dirty problems we must try to keep floors dry and bathrooms tidy. Here are a few home improvement tips that could be helpful.

Keys To A Dry Bathroom:

  • The best and the most effective way to keep floors dry is to sweep up the water after you finish bathing or if you accidentally drop some water. In this way it takes less time for the tiles to dry up and it gives a crisp feeling.
  • By sweeping we don't mean that you have to take your house broom and start sweeping. There is a rubber mob with a stand that is very useful in this regard. It has a broad flat face with which you can pull and channelize all the water towards the opening of the drain.
  • You could add some phenyl or any other disinfectant on the wet floor while sweeping so that it comes not just a drying but a bathroom cleaning exercise.
  • After you finish using the bathroom, open the glass shutters of the window or switch on the exhaust fan. In this way the bathroom will dry up sooner and also get some air. It won't smell stale or damp the way it does if it is watery and locked shut.
  • Prevention is always better that cure so if you ensure that your bathroom floor doesn't get wet unnecessarily then you won't have to bother about drying it. Don't drop water while using the toilet pot or just casually using the wash basin.
  • What about bathing? You cannot bathe without dropping water on the floor. But you can install shower curtain to keep the floor on the other side of the shower or bathtub dry. You can also have a raised barrier to segregate the bath area from the rest of the bathroom.

These tips can help you have a dry bathroom with little efforts.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2011, 15:58 [IST]
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