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Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Summer


plants survive the bitter cold of the winters and you are also too cold to tend to your garden. But as winter starts giving way to summer, you need to be ready for your garden. This is the time when you should prepare your garden for the summer that is coming.


Summer is a gardening season that really helps the gardener. And the winter leaves you with plenty do in your garden before the summer sets in. So what are you waiting for; get to work! If you are a new or amateur gardener, you can get your to-do list from here.

Weed and clean your garden

Many plants in your garden will die out or shrivel during the cold months. The weed infestation will also increase as you may not be able to go out into the garden very often. So start by cleaning up the mess. Weed your garden thoroughly, remove the dead plants and collect all the twigs that you can. You cannot prepare your garden for summer with all this mess on your hands.

Water the soil

The winter may be damp but the low temperatures dry up the soil. Besides, you can expect a lot of sunshine in the summers. So it is best to water your soil now. Sprinkle water from a sprinkler to prepare the garden soil for planting. Your garden soil may need 2-3 sessions of watering over a couple of days before it is ready for planting.

Build sunshades

If you have an outdoor garden then your plants may not be able to tolerate the full blast of the summer sun. Build sunshades to save your plants from extreme heat in the summers. You can use thatch or straw roofs to build very effective sunshades.

Arrange slant sunlight

If your garden is indoors, then you must ensure that your garden plants make the most of the sunshine. Place your potted plants near a large window or in the balcony so that they can get indirect sunlight. You can also take these potted plants outside to give them some direct sunlight.

Prune summer plants

Many lovely flowering plants bloom in the summer. The summer rose is the commonest and most beautiful example. If you want these summer plants to have lots of blooms, keep pruning them regularly.

These are some simple ways in which you can prepare your garden for the coming summer. What else do you usually do with your garden before the summer arrives?

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 5:01 [IST]
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