How To Pick Up Garden-Friendly Soil?

By: Asia Fathima
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Nothing beats owning that perfect garden in your sweet home. Having a garden takes you to a whole new dimension. You can boast about your fertile soil garden in front of your friends and get compliments. But, if you don't have one, what to do? Can you build your new garden without any issues?

Though many say that building a garden is no joke, many people get a wrong idea about it. Before you start off on building your garden, you need to know whether your soil is good to raise a garden. If you have good garden soil, you are definitely good to go. It is highly important to understand these signs to get garden friendly soil. Read the tips below on how to check out the fertility of your soil, so that you can follow the right steps to make it fertile.

How To Pick Up Garden-Friendly Soil?

Soil Type Speaks for your Garden:

A look at the soil and you can say if it is fertile or not. When checking for soil garden testing plan should be made. Take some soil in your palm and squeeze it. If it forms a perfect roll and is black in colour, then it is perfect. If it doesn't, it can have more sand content with lower clay on it.

Check for Water Drain Capacity

When testing for soil, check for how well water drains into it. Garden friendly soil will drain water not too quickly and not to slowly. This will tell you if it is too sandy to contain water needed by the plants or not. Fertile soil gardens retain water to support plant growth and moisture.

Take pH Test
This is one of the easiest ways to know if you can build a fertile soil garden or not. Purchase a pH test kit from the market and follow the instructions to carry out the test. Soil with high acidity or alkalinity may not be suitable for gardening.

Other Natural Methods to Check for Garden Friendly Soil are:

Hunt for Earthworm
Earthworms are known to be the natural fertilizing machines for gardens. Good soil will have a good number of earthworms visible when you dig it out. However, they are light sensitive, so you might not find them in open areas full of sunshine.

Check for Stones
Too many stones in the soil can turn out to be a hindrance. Stones obstruct the growth of plants, and hence, you may have to remove them to have a healthy soil garden.

Look for Frogs
Last but not the least, frogs can tell you if you can have good soil garden. Frogs, particularly the healthy ones, usually habitat the places with garden friendly soil and can answer your questions.

Building a garden can be fun and easy if you have good soil in your home. Do try out these simple signs to know if the soil is fertile enough to give birth to your beautiful garden. If it is not, you can work always towards improving the soil texture through natural methods.

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Story first published: Friday, November 8, 2013, 20:44 [IST]
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