Multiple Uses Of Aromatic Plants

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Gone are the days when flowers and plants were just restricted to decorate your house. The aroma created by the plants can be used in various ways to add some creativity to your home. Here we list out a few aromatic plants and describe how you can make the most out of their aroma.

To Induce Sleep- Chamomile (Matricaria camomilla) is known to cure mild insomnia that is sleeplessness. The leaves of this plant should be dried and added to tea or made into sachets. Place these sachets under your pillow for a calm aromatic sleep.

Aromatic Plants

Mosquito Repellant– The lemongrass (also called Cochin grass and Malabar grass) has a slight citrus scent and apart from being used worldwide in many cuisine, it is actually used as an insect repellant! The boiled mixture of lemongrass stalks when mixed with sunflower oil is an excellent repellant for mosquitoes. Unlike most of the other repellants available in the market, this is completely natural.

Freshness In Clothes– Have you ever wished that your clothes smell fresh and clean all the time? The answer might be there in your own little garden. Keep your clothes spread on the bay plant for a while. The bay leaves in Hindi are popularly called Tej Patta. They give your clothes an aromatic smell with freshness till the next wash.

Decorative Potpourri– This is the most elegant and effective way to prepare your home for a dinner or get together. It makes your home look beautiful and pleasant smelling at the same time. The best part is that, you can make the Potpourri from the plants in your garden. Take some popular flowers like lavender, rose, hibiscus, carnations, violets and let them dry completely. Now collect them in an air tight packet. Open and place it in a decorative bowl and place it on the side table whenever guests arrive. Top them with spices such as clove and cardamom for raising the aromatic fragrance.

Potpourri Sachets– The potpourri mixture can be filled in a muslin or knit cloth. These cloth allows the smell to come through it and yet look elegant when tied in a knot. Tie the cloth with a colourful ribbon to add glamour. These sachets can be placed in closed spaces that usually tend to smell, like your drawers, cupboards and knapsacks that allow them to smell fresh all the time.

So go ahead, make use of your beautiful garden with these simple yet creative ideas that can be used effectively in our daily lives. Do you have any other ideas that aromatic flower plants could be put to?

Lets share them with our readers and discuss.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 10:48 [IST]
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