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How To Use Pebbles For Gardening?

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Pebble Gardening
Many a times you may find people collecting pebbles, shells on the shore and that is for their home garden. Pebbles and gardening? Yes, they are the most inexpensive ways of protecting gardens. Pebbles have multiple usage in gardening. They are arranged beside the pool/fountain or on the pathway or in the pots etc. Take a look to know how to make your garden a beautiful pebble garden.

Why Make A Pebble Garden?

1. Pebbles are wonderful decorative elements. They restore water in soil that generally get evoporated due to sunlight. They also prevent soil erosion and preserve the roots of the plant.

2. They also help the gardener in mulching, creating a decorative border, landscaping, providing a even, dry garden bed etc.

3. They are inexpensive, have longer life and easily available. They can be mixed with minerals and marbles.

Make A Pebble Garden – Gardening Tips

1. Prepare a space for pebbles. The base for pebbles can be a soil bed or sand bed or a lawn bed. You can also place a weed mat to arrange pebbles.

2. The pebbles can be of the same or may even vary. They can be irregular round, flat or elliptical. They are available in whites, grey and black.

3. It is beautiful if you use a single coloured stone or mix two shades. White polished stones called landscape stones are most preferred. Marbles pebbles and mineral salts are classic pebble types.
You can grow a lawn or simple shrubs to fence the pebble garden.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 16:31 [IST]
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