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Make Your Own Kitchen Garden

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Kitchen Garden
Grow and eat, must be the agenda of your kitchen garden. Ideally a kitchen garden stands separate from the rest of the garden space. Kitchen garden essentially means a garden where you can grow food items that you can use in your kitchen. It can either be located outdoors or indoors.
Outdoor Kitchen Garden:
Choose the plot of land that gets abundant sunlight and has a good drainage system. Make different patches of segregated land wherein you can grow different fruits or vegetables in each section. You can even grow the herbs that you like. The food items grown in the garden act as a supplement to the kitchen requirements of a family. It is also very cheap to maintain.
Use the kitchen waste itself as organic manures for the land.
An outdoor kitchen garden can be created in a very little space of your backyard. It does not only look beautiful and attractive but also saves you the cost of buying vegetables, the prices of which are rising day by day.
Indoor Kitchen Garden:
An indoor kitchen garden is a more viable option these days keeping in mind the present lifestyle of people.
You can create an indoor kitchen garden  even in the windowsill of your kitchen. It would be very easy to maintain on your part. You do not even have to take the pain of watering the plants separately as water from the kitchen will be enough to feed it. Instead of throwing away the kitchen waste (vegetable peels etc) into the dustbin, throw it in the garden pots as it will act as a fodder to the plants.
Plants For Your Kitchen Garden:
· Tomato-  Tomato is very easy to  grow in a kitchen garden. Just place the seeds over the soil  in the garden pot and it will germinate after a few days. It is not only used for cooking, but as a beauty product also. Mashed tomatoes when applied on face act as amazing face masks and cure many skin problems.
· Strawberry- It is one beautiful looking plant that will serve many purposes.  The fruit can be used as a flavouring.  Children love to have a bite of it and it can serve as a skincare product too.
· Brinjal-  Grow  brinjals in your home as they cannot only be used for cooking, but the plant looks extremely beautiful when it bears fruit.
· Chillies-  Chillies are something that is used for all kinds of cooking. So, cut out the cost of purchasing it and pluck it out of your own plant.
· Carrot-  Carrots are a very rewarding  vegetable.  It can be used for cooking as well as an ingredient for face masks. Carrots have many medicinal properties too. They cleanse intestines and have healing properties.

Some  other plants that you can grow are garlic, basil, cabbage, thyme, spinach, lettuce, ginger, peas etc.Grow these plants in your home and have a kitchen garden all to yourself.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 7, 2012, 10:56 [IST]
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