Types Of Live Christmas Trees

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The Christmas tree is an important aspect of celebrating the festival. Every family keeps some type of Christmas tree of the other. But mostly, people choose synthetic Christmas trees for convinience. Just imagine, how much we can contribute to the environment if every family chooses a live Christmas tree! The simplest way to make Christmas eco-friendly would be to choose a live Christmas tree.

If you grow your Christmas tree then you can keep it for years. You need not buy a live Christmas tree every year; it is a one time investment. The significance of a Christmas tree is life and hope. What better way to portray this symbolism than keeping a live Christmas tree in your house!

Any naturally occurring tree that resembles a Christmas tree can serve your purpose. Spruce, fir and pine make very good live Christmas trees. Remember, all these types of Christmas trees are basically coniferous and grow in sun-zero temperatures. So, they will grow well only in regions with very cold climates.

Here are some the examples of live Christmas trees found in nature. If you want to grow your own Christmas tree, then get a cutting of any of the trees mentioned below.


Red Pine

The botanical name for the red pine is Pinus regalus. It commonly found in North America and Canada. It yields you a tall and open branched Christmas tree.


White Pine

The botanical name for this pine is Pinus strobus. It is common around the eastern side of USA. This is a fluffy variety of Christmas tree. It is popular for its dense greens and intricate needles.


Austrian Pine

Pinus nigra is what botanists call the Austrian pine. If you like a darker shade of green then go for this one. Also the needs of the black pine (another name for Austrian pine) are roundish and occur in bundles.


Balsam Fir

Also known as the Abies balsamea, this Christmas tree has a layered appearance. It is also favoured for its excellent aroma of Balsam.


Fraser Fir

Scientifically referred to as the Abies fraseri), this is probably the most symmetrical Christmas tree. The needles are blue-green and flat compared other fir trees.


White Spruce

The Picea glauca is also known as the White or Norway spruce. This is a short-term Christmas tree that sheds its needles very quickly.


Colorado Blue Spruce

Also known as the Picea pungens, the Colarado Blue Spruce is one of its kind Christmas tree. As is obvious from the name, the powdery blue colour is the best part of this tree.

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Story first published: Monday, December 17, 2012, 17:18 [IST]
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