How To Grow Orchids?

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The beauty of orchids is unrivalled in the floral world. Grow orchids as they are a very popular and are one of the largest variety of flowering plants in the world. You can easily grow orchids at home as they have an amazing capacity to adapt themselves to the surrounding environment. It is not at all difficult to grow orchids at home. In fact growing orchids and caring for them is very easy. Let's see some very easy ways to grow orchids at home.


  • It is very difficult to grow orchids from the seeds. They have very complex growth requirements. Orchids need to be planted in a pot that does not retain excess water. They also need a particular fungus and lots of nutrients to grow.
  • So, it is better to buy small orchid plants that are already planted in pots from the market. They are much easier to grow and do not have so many varied growth requirements.
  • You also should plant them in plastic pots with a hole underneath for proper drainage.

Soil and Water

  • Orchids need a lot of nutrient supplement from the soil. Hence you need to make sure that the pot is filled with a good amount of fertilized soil.
  • You also have to fertilize the soil once the plant is in it's full bloom.
  • Orchids can grow in very little water. So, if you want proper orchid growing then be very careful not to water your orchids excessively. Caring for orchids is very easy. Just make sure to water them once in a week. And do not allow them to stay in water logged pots.
  • For a good orchid growing plant them in an area where they will get abundant sunshine all throughout the day. They need lots of sun to grow well.

Pruning And Caring

  • You may cut the flowering stem once the flowers have withered away. Another stem will regrow from the same place and flower.
  • But before doing so you should know the breed of your plant first. If it is one of them that bears flower from the same stem year after year, then you better not prune it.
  • Caring for orchids is very easy. You need to re-pot them once in a year. It will be much easier to re-pot them if they are planted in a plastic pot. The roots can be easily moved from one pot to the other in this case.

Consider all these factors before you grow orchids at home.

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