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Basket Gardening In Your Home

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Basket Gardening
Add a hint of colour and freshness to your home by hanging baskets with plants in it. Preferably referred to as basket gardening, this art of growing plants is becoming popular now a days as you can practice it even in the small space of your apartment. This versatile basket of green plants can be placed any where to make a basket garden of your own. You will definitely fall in love with this hanging garden as they transform your energies into an otherworldly aura.

Let us undertake a journey into the creation of hanging gardens in your home.

Choose The Area: Choosing the area where you want to develop your hanging garden is very important. You may arrange more than one plant in a queue at your porch, window side, kitchen space or living room. Keep the factors like sun, shade and wind in mind before placing the plants

Choosing The Baskets: You can select from a wide variety of choices ranging right from classic hanging baskets to the designer ones to add to its beauty. Contemporary hand oven baskets made with moss, vine, twig or a combination of two or more of it. You can avail coco fibre lined baskets, iron framed baskets, chain hanger baskets, banana leaf baskets and many more. And if you want an inexpensive deal then there is the flexible garden trug made out of polythene or any other material that can hold both soil and water.

Plants For Your Hanging Baskets: Basket gardening is not a tough job at all. You can make your home look vibrant with colours if you choose the right variety of plant breeds to grow in your basket.

You can have hanging baskets with strawberry plant and they will be edible too. This fruit is not only colourful and tasty but also very good for the skin. It will look very attractive and will simply be loved by your children.

Fuchsia – This flower plant has many breeds, Trailing Fuchsias being the most apt for hanging baskets. The most popular among them is the vibrant pink and violet shades that can easily be used for your basket gardening. They can be hung in the sun when there is sun light and can be brought back to the interiors at night.

Begonias- Coming in a range of pink, orange, red and white, these dazzling double blooming flowers are a magnificent show in the house. The cascading types are the ideal for hanging baskets inside the house. But they grow very vast and turn into bushes. So trim them often.

Creating balls of spectacular foliage these flowers will create a splendid show in your house. They come in a variety of shades like maroon, green, yellow, light violet and so on.

Geraniums- Ideal for the shades these plants can be frequented with water with just twice or thrice a week. They have a lovely bloom and liven up the air with shades like pink and orange.

Some other plants that can be used for basket gardening are Ferns, Petunia Super Bells, Thyme, Pansies etc. Make your home stand out from the rest by planting beautiful plants in your basket garden.

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Story first published: Monday, June 4, 2012, 16:35 [IST]
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