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Rose Hedge- A Wild Rose Hedge For Your Garden!

By Shruti Roy

Do you have a plot of land at the front or backyard of the house and wondering what to make out of it? Then let me share with you what I did with the piece of land we have at home. I promise it will be worth a read, worthier to follow if you love gardening and want to give the whole house exterior a exotic look! We give all we can to make our house a HOME- a loveable, cozy, beautiful place to live in!

Soothing Ambiance

Have you thought of a well cut wild rose hedge, building a natural fence to your garden? Not only they are lovely to look at but the natural fence of Ramanas and Scotch Roses spreads a mild fragrance across the premises of the house! It doesn't only confine to the exterior showcasing of your house but natural fencing also gives you a satisfaction of having worked for the beauty of the house.

Add Ons!

Your wild roses have the strongest suckering habits and can make a decent and secure hedges by themselves. Several of these bushes throw up a thicket of suckering stems, making an impenetrable garden fencing of seriously prickly, intruder proof thorns.

Rose Hedge And Creativity

Rose hedges as garden fencing are classic in Europe and so it makes your garden stand out amongst all in your neighborhood. The wild rose hedge which has been used for the natural fence also can be made into centre round shrubs in the garden. Cut in an umbrella shape these wild roses give an entire new look to the natural fences!

Many types of wild and hybrid roses are cultivated to form hedges and other structures. Hedge rose species are similar to shrubs, which distinguishes them from other varieties that grow as a vine or bush. Most roses also vary in flower color, but the Ramana hedge rose can produce purple flowers. It is a popular example of a purple hedge rose in Japan. They may also surprise you with pink and white along with the purple blooms.

Tips To Maintain

Rose breeders find wild rose hedge of Ramanas valuable because of their strong trait of resistance towards diseases like Rose Rust and Rose Black Spot. It can also extremely tolerate storms as these are considered the first shrub from the coast. It is very tough and mostly trouble free so best suited for garden fencing. It needs very little maintenance and would be appropriate if planted in large numbers.

Now no more time to waste! Start working on your garden of creativity. Ramanas Roses are native to eastern Asia, northeastern China, Japan and Korea. So it won't be a great difficulty in collecting their fresh uproots or the budding stems.

Hope you enjoy your walk among the wild rose hedges, in two months or three!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 14:50 [IST]
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