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7 Garden Seating Arrangement Ideas!

Garden seating arrangement should be cleverly done in your home garden as the landscape view will not be successful unless you properly design the garden seating. Use your garden space appropriately to utilize the benefit of the hard work on maintaining your green space in the house.

Here are some tips to design garden seating arrangement to help place the seats in the best space available:

1. Just get a brief view of your garden to select the best place for seating arrangement of your garden. Choose the place where you can get the best view of the garden or landscape.

2. Place the seats under the shade to stay away from tanning and unwanted exposure to sun. put the seats in a circular pattern if space allows to get best communicate while sitting in the home garden.

3. If you love spending alone time in your garden to feel the peaceful ambiance then arrange seats in the area which is hidden therefore making a private place to get your space! This seating arrangement in your garden will not be visible form other parts of the garden and you can create a secret spot ideal for meditation, reading or spending some time with yourself.

4. If you have children at home then do the garden seating arrangement near play areas like swimming pool or under the shade to comfortably watch your children playing.

5. If the garden has swimming pool, swing or a space for relaxing then arrange seats in those places to utilize your free time listening to the soothing sounds of water.

6. For a large and spacious garden, spot seating areas in different locations like near a fruit orchard or vegetable gardens. It not only creates a chance to get the best view of the colorful trees or garden but also offers a place to take rest while gardening. Place a bench to make it a more comfortable place for having coffee with snacks.

7. Bean bags are trendy seating arrangement for your garden. Place them under the shade and see the gathering of youth in your house.

So, follow these tips for seating arrangement on your garden and decorate the garden with beautiful seating designs.

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 11:59 [IST]