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Decorating Garden For Diwali & Halloween

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Garden Decoration
This weekend is the highly celebrated weekend across the world with the Asian countries sparkling in lights for Diwali and the US busy with Halloween. Although the festivals have nothing in common, the decorations can be incorporated to make the celebration more memorable and unique. Take a look how to decorate your outdoor (garden) for Diwali as well as Halloween. Here are the tips.

Decorating Garden For Diwali & Halloween

1. You need not have to make you outdoor spooky but replace the clay diyas (lamps) with small pumpkin shades. Buy the mini candle lamps and make pumpkin lamp shades using thermocol or handmade paper and arrange them on the fence or the entrance of the door. Place the candle lamps inside the shades and light them in the dark. The orange coloured pumpkin carvings look beautiful and truly welcoming.

2. Even the garden plants can be decorated with bright orange series lights. Mini pumpkin carvings can be hung to the branches (between the lights). This saves the number of lights and electricity.

3. Kids can be asked to decorate the jack-o'-lanterns as it will interest them (distract from bursting crackers) and save pollution. The garden decorations will look trendy as well as help children learn craft and get eco-friendly.

4. You can even make kids wear those Halloween masks and arrange a Diwali Halloween party. Kids can dance to the beats and have fun. The loud music and the children excitement will make the celebration more lively and enjoyable.

5. You can even buy balloons and use markers to draw rangoli or masks on them and place between the potted plants. These garden decorations make Diwali look very orange and colourful, the decoration can be retained until the 30th for Halloween party, the best cost saving tip. You can also enhance the garden decoration according to your creativity and garden space.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 12:35 [IST]
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